Monday, April 3, 2017

Pets and Parsley!

A new cat has arrived in the Malibu house and he seems to be causing some trouble.  It looks like he attacked the parsley plant, knocked over a chair while jumping on the table, and is now primed to go after my hanging lamp...

(Or my children placed him on the table after trying to find all the animals in the Malibu dollhouse - there might be over 10).

In other developments, I created 3 herb plants for my witch's garden house - 
2 parsley and one mint (based on the instructions in the Dolls House Magazine).

Have a great week!


  1. Poor kitty getting blamed when he might not have done anything wrong.

  2. Your new kitty is very naughty but I'm sure that he is already forgiven. I love your trio of herb plants and your parsley plant Really looks like a parsley plant- well done! :D


    1. Oh yes, of course he is forgiven! He's been given lots of petting so he feels more comfortable in his new home.