Sunday, October 30, 2016

Happy Halloween 2016!!

There's just so much studying to do when you're a witch -- all those potions and spells!

At least there are some good snacks while reviewing The Witch's Book of Potions and Incantantions (a kit I just made from Ann Vanture's Paper Minis).

And taking a break for tea is very easy when it pours itself:

Still one of my favorite dolls:

My latest witch doll purchase:

Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 21, 2016

What's for lunch today?

So I finally persuaded a very kind UK seller to ship me this Dolls House Emporium (DHE) blue kitchen. 

  I really enjoyed thumbing through the DHE catalogue, seeing the scenes that they put together, and waiting each August for the new catalogue to see what modern furniture they had decided to create.

I didn't expect the change in DHE, so there were quite a few things that I wanted that they stopped stocking after they were acquired.  One of them was this blue kitchen.  

(Another is this massage doll with pink hair - I wanted her to be the babysitter for my family.  I've no idea really why I still want her, but she was in my cart and then she disappeared - she must have been the last one and then someone checked out with her.   So it could be that I was just SO close, and then NOT.   I even found her via the web in a store in South Africa, but the store didn't respond to my emails. I can just imagine that store dialogue: "There seems to be a crazy American who wants to buy this pink haired doll from us and ship it to the US.  Do you think it's for real?" Why yes, yes it is.) 

I've found the blue kitchen on eBay UK a few times, but the seller didn't ship to the US.  But this seller agreed to do so.  Hurray!

I love this clock.  I bought it at Minismodernas. 

I would like to have one for my real house, actually.

And a massive salad is for lunch!

The blue watercolor art is by my friend Anne-Marie Belli (although the photo is not doing it justice.  I cut it out of her show catalogue.).

Have a great weekend!