Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Progress on the Dollhouse Castle

I'm starting to make some more progress on the dollhouse castle for my son. He is getting impatient (understandably).

(My mother-in-law made the flag and the outfit for the knight doll. The catapult is from http://ketsiaelie.blogspot.com/) The cannon is from my mom.)

I finally installed the bottom front wall with hinges. Initially I hadn't accounted for the hinges taking up so much space, so the two sides couldn't close. I had planned to saw off part of the wall, but I just couldn't do it. (I was afraid I'd saw off too much or it would look really messy.) So luckily I found a piece of wood (after several attempts) that I could attach to the side of the house to give the necessary space. See below:

I glued a door handle from Olde Mountain Miniatures on the front door. I love it. I added a screw there for the kids to use as a real door handle.

And I finished wallpapering one bedroom. I used tacky glue so it's not perfect, but it will do. (The wallpaper is from DollsHouse Emporium. The bed is from eBay.) I was hoping this would be the parents' bedroom, but my son likes it so much, it's now the boys' bedroom.

Here's the top all ready for battle:

Now I have to work on the kitchen, painting the walls and doors. My son keeps asking me when we are going to glue in the walls.

Have a great week!