Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

We made the roses and the box of chocolates in my Big Apple Miniaturists meeting this past weekend. The roses are from an Artistic Florals kit and the heart-shaped box of chocolates is a Dragonfly International kit  (CB201) which came with the fimo chocolates pre-prepared. 

Watch out little kitty, those glasses might fall over.  The glasses are from a NAME online group swap.

It's the morning after and they are making banana pancakes in their pajamas! 
They've got some wild hair! I need to find a brush for them.

I made the pajama pants from a tutorial in  the Dolls' House Magazine.  I still miss that magazine. They had a couple similarly styled in the top and bottom as the picture for the tutorial (although they were not cooking food).

 (The making pancakes is from Artistique on Etsy. The spice rack, soap dispenser and little pasta bag is from Alma de Jonge from The kitchen is from Elf Miniatures. The green tea pot is from TYA Kitchen.  The tulips in the can are from Artistic Florals. I made the mint and parsley plant from a tutorial in the Dolls House Magazine.)

Here's another picture of the roses in their greenery:

Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 11, 2019

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Gung Hay Fat Choy! Happy Chinese New Year!

I volunteer at my son's public school library periodically - I like to help the children find books to read. 
One of the head moms who volunteers asked me to make a Chinese New Year exhibit, because they liked the Polar Express train exhibit I made.

I took out a book from the library to learn about the Chinese New Year traditions. Fun!

I found a picture of cherry blossoms on the internet to put in the background because the Chinese New Year celebrates the coming of spring, signified by cherry blossoms.

Here's close-up of the final feast table. I made the dumplings with the sauce, the oranges, the whole fish, and the rice (too large - I'm not patient enough). And I made the flowers.

The dumplings in the bamboo containers are from Thailand. 

The wonton soup and egg rolls are Carolyn's Miniature Creations here.

 Here is some of the text to explain the pyramid of oranges and the use of red:
"Houses are filled with flowers and fruit.
Families display pyramids of oranges and apples.
The Chinese believe red and orange are colors of joy.
You will see the colors of joy everywhere at the Chinese New Year Festival."

And here is the text explaining the whole fish: 
"The Chinese like to feature whole steamed fish on the menu of their New Year’s feasts. Said to signify togetherness, abundance and long life, it’s a dish with symbolism that is as important as taste. Indeed, you’re supposed to leave the bones, head and tail intact, a way to help ensure that the new year will be a winner from beginning to end." I also read that you should leave some leftovers to symbolize a surplus in the year ahead.

I made the noodle dish (with green onions) from polymer clay. Long noodles symbolize longevity.

I made a little window in the room because at midnight the windows are opened to allow good luck to enter the house.

I made a little dress out of red cloth because people like to wear new clothes on the first day of the year.

Here's the Polar Bear Express train exhibit made from a shoe box, oatmeal container, and the little square box minis often ship in :). Our school librarian added some more to it, so it looked even more official. 

Here's the exhibit in progress, before I finished making all the food for the feast. The Chinese characters on the scrolls carry messages of Good Health, Luck, Long Life, Prosperity and Happiness. The broom is because the house is cleaned before the new year as a way of saying good-bye to the old year and preparing for the new year.

I was in the library today to pick up a book and I watched third-graders stop and gather around to look at the exhibit. It made me so happy. 

Happy Chinese New Year!

Friday, February 1, 2019

Poinsetta - with Wishes for Good Cheer

At my last mini club meeting, we made a poinsetta.  

I'm getting better at making flowers, and our fellow club member/teacher from Artistic Florals, makes such great kits for us to put together that the flowers always look great when you're finished. 

Here's a close-up!

Have a great weekend and hope you're keeping warm!