Monday, August 3, 2015

Malibu dollhouse: Let sleeping babies lie!

I started playing around with my children's room in the Malibu dollhouse.

I was also making some printables for a National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts (NAME) swap, so I shrunk some drawings of my daughter (a drawing of a dog and a drawing of a cat)  and made little book covers.  Those are 2 of the finished books (not that you can really see the cat one - which is a picture of a cat sitting on a mushroom - but I thought it was a cat with a tutu so the book title is "A Tutu for Cat."  It's just as well as I could not have fit a title with "mushroom" on my mini book cover.)  I was about to title the dog book "Spot," but luckily, I asked my daughter the name of the dog before I titled the book. The dog's name turned out to be Brownie, so the book is titled "Brownie".   

 I bought the dinosaur puzzle as a kit at the Chicago Tom Bishop Show and, following the seller's example, painted the dinosaur green.  It's a real puzzle.  My children love puzzles so I wanted miniature puzzles for the children's room.

The green bear on the rocking horse and the little rabbit cover book on the bookshelf are from Hannah of Hannahsminiatyrer.

I made the little Sandra Boynton book.  The cat, the baby and the Winnie the Pooh books were all purchased on eBay.  The crib is from my childhood dollhouse.