Sunday, February 12, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

I made the banner from last year's Paper Source catalogue.  It makes me happy to see it. 

(The light is from Giginstudio on Etsy and the bed is from Multiforminiatures on Etsy)

   A little love between a dog and a cat

The cat is by Reve and the dog is by Trinketbelle on eBay.

The cookies are by MiniHoliday from Etsy and the chocolate covered strawberries are by CSpykersMiniaturesUS on Etsy.  I bought the plant at the Chicago show 2 years ago.

Have a great week and Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 10, 2017

A micro mini living room

I made two little living rooms after watching this great tutorial from thesquaretospare.

The little flowers are by sunflowertami on eBay.

And here they are side by side - it's like a spot the difference game!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, February 3, 2017

Moving out of my craft room

I have to move out of my craft room/office/guest bedroom so my son can have his own bedroom.  It's taking me months!  But of course I've been filling this room up for 20 years.  

I will have a craft desk in our bedroom and some of my dollhouses/room boxes will move there as well.  Most of my miniatures have moved to our basement for storage.

 I have been putting all my minis in boxes and trying to label and organize them on an inventory - with mixed success.  I've been able to find many minis (I found my 4 boxes of Christmas minis) from my "mini" inventory, but mostly I feel like I have no idea where many minis are.

During the summer, I just put some in boxes and labeled it  "random purchases" - I figure it will be like opening Christmas presents as I open one of the random boxes and discover what mini treasures are stashed there. 

Here's a craft room roombox - made as part of the NAME online houseparty several years ago.  

The desk was a kit that was a gift from the houseparty (a kit I actually put together - woo hoo!).  

The computer and the chair were gifts from the houseparty.  

The little bicyle sticker in the white frame is from The Shopping Sherpa; the red and blue bins are from Shapeways and created by MitchyMooMiniatures.  

The little paints were a project designed by the NAME swap leader as houseparty gifts. I made 11 sets (10 to donate as gifts and 1 for me).

I made the little exacto mitre box, the green cutting pad was a printable, the little file folders and the little white miniature room. that is a mini replica of the craft room. 

The little white dollhouse full of paper rolls is from Ginger Landon Siegel. 

I have more to add to this roombox (of course), but I am still happy with it. 

 I will say that my craft room/office was a bit magical for my kids because it was filled with so many dollhouses and surprises.  They loved to play in this room and to bring their friends to this room.    

Here is a picture of my craft room in full swing: with the restaurant and the supermarket out (which both slid under the bed), and Waterside Way being played with. 

Have a wonderful weekend!