Thursday, September 22, 2016

Back to School Shoe Shopping!

For mom and daughter!

 The high heels are by Patrizia Santi - mom's favorite shoe shop!

The little blue shoes are by minis2you - so adorable!

(I bought the little stuffed pilot when I was in Tokyo.)

Patrizia Santi now has a website:

So many beautiful shoes!  So dangerous!

Meanwhile the mom has also bought herself a new agenda -- so she can keep track of all the new school schedules and events.

The agenda is also from the Etsy shop of minis2you. It can even open - but I was afraid to try to do that.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Back to the Drawing Board

You may remember that I built an Elevator for 48

It has not survived.

But it was well-used.

I think I just have to use a cardboard box in the proper size or ask my kids what they suggest.   Or try to find a plastic box in the right size and use Omnistick glue to attach a door. 

P.S.  Somebody get some clothes for that poor guy in the living room!

Monday, September 12, 2016

IGMA show - New Jersey 2016

So my whole family went with me to the IGMA show - my mom, my husband, my daughter and my son.  I brought both children because the IGMA show has a terrific children's corner.  My daughter went last year and had the best time, and I thought it would be fun for my 4 year old to shop there independently as well.  (But in the end, he still preferred to stay mostly with me.)

We hit traffic trying to get there, then we got lost, and then my daughter threw up in the car.  So I was quite frazzled by the time we got there.

In any event, as usual, it was a great show and I still managed to do quite a bit of shopping!

Ice cream supplies for my ice cream shop from Wright Guide Miniatures: They have lots of great stuff, and really I need to go check out their website myself.

These great red boots from Precious Little Things
(another website to check out - they are closing shop in December).

A sink from Studebaker miniatures (my daughter bought a rug there): 

1/144 scale furniture from - I also bought a clamp - they sell tools, lumber and supplies:

A red leather book from Marilyn Crockett (she also has beautiful paintings):

This table made by Gideon Wolf from Montana Cedar - bought at Ron Stetkewicz.  He does beautiful brass miniatures (telescopes etc.).  I bought a nautical brass mirror from him at the Karen Aird show two years ago.  He's very nice.  At that show, he told my son not to be embarrassed to be a boy playing with dollhouses.

Artistic Florals also had a table - I bought some plants from her previously, but this is my absolute favorite - these red tulips in a can (I bought the peaches in a jar from Sharon Harbison Miniature Food - my daughter had bought a similar one last year and so they were on my list for this show):

More flowers by Artistic Florals:

And of course I bought a kit - this kit to make a Christmas train display (from Ginger Landon Siegel)  so hopefully around Christmas time, I will be inspired to make this (you will see):

We all also had a great time at the crafting table:  we made Christmas trees, Christmas garlands, cakes and plates - all pictured below:

It persuaded me to buy a plate shaper because it was just so much fun making plates. 
Last year, I sent my daughter to the craft table while I shopped, but when I saw what she made, I regretted not going myself. The chocolate cakes are from this year (Stewart Dollhouse Creations mold) and the vanilla cake with the decorations is from last year.  We left the Christmas trees at my children's dollhouse at Grandma's house, so I don't have any to show unfortunately.   

When we got home and my daughter showed me her purchases, it turned out she had done quite a bit of independent shopping around the whole show (with money I had given her), and not just in the children's corner.  She had purchases from all different sides of the room!  She even made friends with a girl who was sitting under her mother's table watching a movie.  She was very happy.  It made me realize how much she is growing up.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Hydrangeas - my first paper flowers!

I finally finished this NAME roundtable kit.  I bought it because I liked the modern container.  I made the container last summer, and then stopped for some reason.   So I was determined to finish it this summer.  Have I said before that I have too many kits?  I have BOXES and BOXES of kits. I always persuade myself that it's like taking a mini class - which it is, of course.

When I first started making the flowers, I really thought that it wasn't going to work for me.  And I should just buy some flowers to put in the container.  So I stopped to let it dry and started again the next night, and it started to look like a hydrangea!  Now I am tempted to try to make one in blue!

And Penelope's Dollhouses is on Instagram now - following the lead of Kitty and Kat Miniatures!

Have a great weekend!