Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Waterside Way - First Floor

So I just attended my first dollhouse fair, last Sunday in New Jersey in person - the Karen Aird Dollhouse Show and Sale.  We drove out - the entire family, including my mom.   It was great.  But it was hard for me to take it all in in such a short time -- although I was the one who thought 2 hours was not enough time!  We got there around 10:30 and left around 12:30 for my son's nap.  Luckily I grabbed lots of business cards and have been following up on certain things I regretted not purchasing.   Previously, I have only participated in online shows (which give a little more time for thinking about what to purchase).   But it was also so exciting to meet the vendors and to start to put faces to names.  One vendor had a box of little things each for a $1.00, and my daughter and I had a great time going through that box.  There were some great finds there.  Both my kids won roomboxes.  They had a a kids' drawing for 4 roomboxes, and there were only a few kids there in the morning (probably because they were giving away 5 dollhouses in the afternoon and you had to be present to win).  I saw many more children arriving as we were leaving.  

Here's another arrangement of furniture in the first floor (lived in by the family).  But this time, the child lives in a loft bed (custom made by Mini Mod Pod  (ModPodMiniatures on Etsy) - I had wanted the Dolls House Emporium silver loft bed, but it was on my wishlist, and then they stopped stocking it (I had no idea they changed their stock so quickly!), but in the end, this one is much better - I love the natural wood!)

Here's the full view:

Here's a view of the kitchen, living room and dining room:

Here's the parents' bedroom and children's bedroom and the WC is behind the loft bed.  I found the kitchen set in a dollhouse store in Denmark that stocked old DHE merchandise (I managed to find a dollhouse store near where we were visiting) - so thrilled with that find!  The shelf is just the wood stick that they give out at the paint store to stir the paint.

The doll is from a hair barrette for girls.
The train as a toy bin is copied from Mini Modern ( she did that in one of her childrens' rooms and I thought it was brilliant (obviously), so I have done the same.

I made the little pink pillow and cut out the picture of the children playing from the back of a card.   The clock was a gift in my first NAME (National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts) swap.  I love it.  (I gave a cactus and a book.)

Here's a different arrangement of the family floor - now with the bathroom in the middle (and with a baby as the child).   

And finally, here are the initial preparations underway for a turkey dinner in the 2nd floor apartment (although it needs more food!).  The chairs are from my childhood dollhouse (it's a Shackman table and chairs).

So Happy Thanksgiving!! And to those who don't celebrate, I wish you a wonderful weekend filled with food, family and friends!