Sunday, May 6, 2018

The Shelf Saga for my Shabby Chic Bakery

There's a bit of problem when you start to slightly improve at making miniatures: you realize all the things that need to be done and it takes much longer  :)

I needed a shelf in my bakery.  See in the picture below how it looks SO naked above the stove:

Plus I needed somewhere to put all the baking supplies I had bought. 

 I found a paint stirrer stick, painted it white, and I was going to glue it to the bakery wall.

But then I thought I really should put a dimensional glaze on my Dutch tile wallpaper so it looks more like real tiles.  It took me some time then to find where I had put the glaze.  (I almost bought another jar, but I kept looking.)  Three coats later, I was much happier with my Dutch tile wall.

I decided I should put lights under the shelf, and I would want to hide them with a lip, so I added a lip to the shelf.  I had to order the lights, though.

While waiting, I started looking at Pinterest (DANGER) and saw someone using Christmas ornament hooks to hang utensils, and I realized I definitely needed that! So I then added a rod (I made out of a toothpick between 2 wood stirrer sticks) and hung various Christmas ornament hooks from it (luckily I was doing this part of the project around Christmas - otherwise that would have been about 2 weeks while I got up the courage to rummage back through packed-away Christmas ornaments). 

 (I also got distracted with making various Christmas-related minis, like cookies and gingerbread houses.)

I drilled a small hole in my bakery wall and then decided to check the lights before I attached them to my shelf. I tried attaching a plug, but the connection wasn't good.  Then I ordered the 9V battery kit from Model Train (where you just twist the wires together), and it worked.

Here are my lights (may need more!):

(Yes, this is taken around Valentine's Day)

And so, about 2 months later, I glued the shelf in.  I'm so impressed with all of you and how quickly you work - and anyone who does the HBS contest :)

And now for the fun part:  finding all my bakery stuff and placing them on the shelf.

Although now I have realized I need another shelf for cookbooks and I want to make a rolling pin holder (also inspired by ideas on Pinterest).  

So stay tuned!

Have a great week!