Friday, January 26, 2018

Baking (and making miniature spicebottles)

I put together a little baking scene. 

I made the little spice bottle. The "lid" is a Czech glass glass rondelle bead (from eBay). Then I used a straw, added a cardstock paper bottom and filled it with spice. I glued on the spice labels from the complimentary printables from American Miniaturist magazine. 

 I actually made a whole spice rack, but I can't find it since I packed up for the renovation. :(

The bowl with mix is from Kensington Miniatures and the open cookbook is from Little Things of Interest on eBay.  The vanilla is from Sue's Little Things on eBay.

Of course the cookbook recipe is for making brownies and the bowl seems to contain cake mix, but it still looks yummy to me!

Still working on the floor.  I printed out those tiles from the internet. I think I will glue them down (eliminating that current space) and then put on a gloss glaze.  

Have a great weekend!