Friday, July 24, 2015

Thank you to Universe in miniature!

Thank you to Neen of Universe in Miniature. . .!  I won one of the book giveaways, and it arrived the other day along with extra goodies: a plate making kit and a $10 Amazon gift certificate (which were completely unnecessary - but I used it to buy better paper scissors as you can see below and some ribbon for a mini project).  So thank you Neen!

I am very excited about the Girl Mechanic because it actually has instructions for how to build an elevator in a dollhouse (although not the most explicit instructions - more of a diagram).  

So now I am thinking I may try again to build one in my children's dollhouse -- although I may also just use a sailing cleet for them to pull the elevator up to each floor and hold it there.  Anyway, it's back on the To Do List :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

First Bath in the Bathroom - Malibu Dollhouse

I decided to add some more accessories to the Malibu Dollhouse bathroom.

Some necessary supplies: 

The requisite toys in the bathtub:  

And a mommy giving the baby a bath:

Johnson's No Tears Shampoo (essential) is from Sue's Little Things on Ebay.

The little baby boy is by the eBay seller: Baloohallow.

My daughter said that this now looks like our house and she wants to see the neat version!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


We are back from our brief holiday in Denmark visiting my husband's family.

We went to Legoland which we all loved!  Lots of minis, although unfortunately the dollhouse collection is not on view and has been moved to a museum which is not yet open.  (I guess we will have to visit Legoland again - we have to visit when my son is 7 so he can do the driving course (where kids drive little cars and have to do all the proper signals)!).

Nyhavn, Denmark made out of Lego:

Amsterdam out of Lego:

And a Lego dollhouse:

And I visited my favorite dollhouse shop in Denmark (located in Hillerod)!  (It is also the only one I know of.)  The owner is very nice and it is always a highlight of my trip!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far!