Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving or Happy Times with Friends and Family and Good Food!

The older couple in Waterside Way is hosting a Thanksgiving dinner for their visiting children and the other families in Waterside Way, so they have been busy cooking.    The neighbors from downstairs also brought up their table so that they would have enough table space.

(As always, it was pretty exciting when my lights worked.)

The chocolate chip cookies are for the kids (and the kids at heart). 

Making potatoes and soup.  There is turkey on the range (yes, it's a bit hard to tell what that is, but I found it in a eBay lot that I bought)

They spend a lot of time traveling, so they have some fun souvenirs, like the diving helmet.   I bought that at the Karen Aird show last year from Diane Paone Miniatures.  (The Karen Aird show this year was last weekend, but I couldn't go because my daughter's best friend was having a birthday party.  I was a bit bummed that I couldn't go (as only fellow miniaturists can understand).)  The little rabbit on top of the refrigerator is a rabbit-shaped carrot cake that I made when I was a kid.   Its ears are made of carrots :)

I bought the bowl of broccoli (as well as the tray preparing soup/stew above) at the Tiny Doll House shop in NYC, and I bought the bowl of carrots on eBay from Sue's Little Things.   She may have also made the chocolate chip cookie set.  

Happy Thanksgiving 
Happy Times with Family/Friends and Good Food!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Malibu Dollhouse - Parents' Bedroom

Making slow, but steady progress on my Malibu dollhouse. Varnished and installed the floor; found the plexiglass windows for the balcony doors (which were not in the box that I thought I should have left it in for safekeeping while painting the doors), and installed lighting.

I am super thrilled with my butterfly lamp from GiginStudio (Gigi n Studio) on Etsy.  I bought it many years ago for this room, and it has sat in its box until now.  In my mind, I started to worry that it was huge and that it wouldn't actually work.  But it did!  And it is just what I wanted.   I love the light it provides.

The shoes are by Patrizia Santi via her website.  The sleeping dog is from Trinkitbelle on eBay and the sleeping cat is by Annie Willis.  The bed is from MultiforMiniatures on Etsy. I love this bed.  I first featured in my New Year's Eve post earlier this year.   The painting is by A.K. Delaney, bought on eBay.

Through the Malibu windows:

Happy Wednesday!