Monday, April 17, 2017

A belated Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Monday!

This is from my daughter's stash/scene (because I am almost all packed up - just roomboxes and dollhouses to go - it only took me about a year :) ).  The IGMA show has a children's corner section (where no adults are allowed) and they have some amazing items, including this one.   She loves going to that show.

Meanwhile, for Easter, my daughter wanted some clothes for her dad doll for Easter, and so I made some shorts.  First I used the American Miniaturist magazine patten, but they seemed to come out too big.  (I think I didn't follow the directions properly, so then I made my own pattern, but I am going to try to the AM pattern again and follow the instructions more directly.) 

Have a great week!


  1. I really admire you making the Dad doll's new shorts with the side pockets attached. They look quite stylish and he must be feeling grateful for getting an up-grade to his wardrobe! :))

    1. Thank you! The side pockets were attached THERE because when I turned the pants inside out, there was a hole there. I must have missed a stitch. So I fixed it with pockets and fabric glue! He's very grateful to have some clothes :)