Sunday, March 29, 2020

The Denver "little" Show

Several asked if I had a romantic Valentine's Day as pictured in my last post, and I have to say that I didn't, but instead I went to the Denver "little" show on Saturday with my sister-in-law, so that was even better for me!

Do you think my human will finish this deck while #stayinghome?

I hope everyone is doing well. We live in NYC and we are on Day 15 of being in our apartment. We have a small balcony, so we soak up sun out there. It is hardest on the kids who miss seeing their friends and doing sports. But we are healthy and lucky. I worry about the medical workers who are on the front line, the grocery, postal & delivery workers, the people working in warehouses, and those who are financially struggling now. We did the 7 p.m. clap tonight to honor their work, and that was very moving to hear everyone clapping and yelling.

But back to minis. I have enough mini projects to last me months in quarantine.

Here are some of my purchases from the Denver "mini" show.

 I bought this beautiful afghan.

I bought another starter room. 

It even comes with the plexiglass case

From the same vendor table, which has three different miniaturists selling:

This workout set from Genuine Imitations

These Christmas tree ornaments and cookie tray from David's Dollhouse

These cute little bears, the amazing wallet with money, a little beachy tray

Some more amazing finds:

And a mini castle kit, a dragon shield for the castle and Halloween bags from Genuine Imitations: 

I bought these blue folding chairs in the #DMMDT auction to support the Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls, and Toys: 

The bookstore will be ready for a book talk when it reopens.

And then I also bought these items from the Denver Mini Doll Toy Museum:

The soap/towels found a home in my children's dollhouse bathroom

And the flowers found a place outside the flower store:

They also had a crafting table so my sister-in-law and I spent some time crafting with beads and glue:

This show feels like a long time ago.

Wishing everyone well. 

I hope you are all healthy. 

 If you are in an area that is not yet #staying home,  I recommend staying home as much as possible and stocking up.  We can't get flour and yeast right now, because everyone is stress-baking (me too). 

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Happy Valentine's Day 2020!

 The kids are making their cards with love.

Someone just bought this delicious strawberry tart.

(I bought the strawberry tart on Etsy from TinyAppetite. The cake in preparation was a NAME swap gift (the theme was Valentine's Day) That was a great swap.).

Someone bought roses from the new flower shop in town. (Hurray! Our first customer!)

And someone is making a yummy breakfast.

To deliver breakfast in bed!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Happy Chinese New Year 2020!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Here is our Asian restaurant waiting for customers. With lots of yummy food.

And here are all the customers. I was playing with my child so that's why most of the kids have their own table. They're very independent in this town. 

And then of course, we had a celebration with the Dragon. 

I love this bamboo plant from hbs/miniatures

Happy Year of the Rat!

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Making a Flower Shop

I'm making a shabby chic flower shop.

We are making a bakery in the Big Apple Miniaturists Club this year, but as you know, I already have a bakery. And although I certainly have enough desserts to fill a second bakery, I thought I'd make a flower shop instead with the small box. I painted the box white, while I was painting the bookstore walls white (because the box was supposed to be painted and wallpapered by our December meeting).

I found a scrap of flooring and used that. Because I'm going to build a counter along that back unit, you won't see the flooring gap. I used French blue to paint the door.

I just love the contrast of these two wallpapers.

Then I spent a day making the back counter piece. This is partially because I didn't plan it well in advance and I kept having to add more support. (Oh well.) I used this green fabric that was a scrap that someone had left in the "for free" pile at a club meeting. (And that is why it is hard as a miniaturist to throw anything out.)

I still need to find a faucet in my stash.  I know I saw one recently when going through it, so I've got a general idea of where one could be. Lol. The drawer handle is from #hbsminiatures. 

Anyway I am really happy with how it's turning out. 

All the counter items are from Robina of myminiatureabodes on Instagram as part of a Christmas mini swap. (The crown is for the castle). They are so perfect for my flower shop. And what was even better, I met her at the Philadelphia Show! So that was exciting. 

Hope everyone has a great week!

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Book Club Meeting at 7 p.m.

The book club is meeting at 7 p.m. this Wednesday.

Today we are discussing Little Women (bought from #LittleThingsofInterest on Etsy).  (I highly recommend her books. They have illustrations and texts on the page. Which is why I could not glue all my books in. Driving myself BATTY in the process of making this.)

But don't worry: What Happens in Book Club Stays in Book Club.

I cut that sign out from a Paper Source catalogue. (I find Paper Source catalogues to be good sources for mini cutouts, as evidenced by the bookmark box.) And then I made the frame.

What book should we read for our next book club? Can you find any favorites among our selection? We have literature, mysteries, art books, cook books, Young Adult, travel, classics, women's literature etc. on this bookshelf.

Have a great week!

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Santa Gets a Coat

Every year, I try to add a little more to Santa's Work Shop. This year, he received a jacket. Unfortunately, it didn't fit on the wall next to the desk (where it was supposed to go), so I've attached it to his desk. 

I also added some more to the Christmas Cart.

One of the ladies in the Big Apple Miniaturists club brought in her finished cart and I loved it (it was totally different than mine with green trim and dark wood).  (This cart was our project last year.) 

Many of the items she used were kits from Robin Betterley Miniatures (, so now I've bought a whole bunch of kits from her to build next year. I plan to add them to the bottom shelf. 

Have a great week!

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Merry Christmas 2019! Happy Holidays And Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas 2019! 

Here is the family in Waterside Way getting ready for Christmas, writing Christmas cards, drawing pictures for Grandma and unpacking the Christmas ornaments.

Up in Waterside Way Apartment 2, they are hanging Christmas cards

The bakery had its annual town Gingerbread baking event with varying results. This is my best effort so far--with the little snowman.

But the professional ones are by #hbsminiatures, true2scale kit and David's Dollhouse. The kids attempts (i.e. mine) are in the back. They all still taste yummy.

And my favorite cookie baking board by DollsHouseMinis on Etsy.

Now the bakery has prepared all the Christmas cakes for various orders.

The stockings are hung. The cat found the catnip and is out on the couch.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Waterside Way!