Thursday, August 25, 2016

NAME Tea/Coffee Theme Swap & Tea/Coffee Shop

I love participating in NAME swaps.  It's like Christmas or a birthday surprise every time I get to open the package.  I haven't been to a NAME houseparty yet - which I've heard is like miniatures on steroids - so hopefully some day I can go - but this and the other online events makes my membership worth it.

This time the theme was coffee/tea shop.  

Here is my little tea/coffee shop with all the swap goodies:

The tea pot is actually from my very first NAME swap. It's by Ginger Landon Siegel who has a website.  I remember opening it and thinking "Wow."

The hat shop has moved out (and may be becoming a thrift store - new concept) and has now been replaced by this coffee/tea shop.

But I've gotten ahead of myself.  For the swap, I made a pillow, apron, and a cup of coffee with cream (see my June post about cupcakes and coffee for 10!). 

Here are all my completed pillows and aprons for the swap. 

Plus the coffee for the three items in my swap package:

And here are all the swap items back. 

So many great little items.  I love all of them.  The boxes of tea and coffee and the glass jars of tea.

 Cakes, cookies, cupcakes, donuts - yummy!

I love the bright colors of the little tea canisters.

The coffee-themed place mats!  I think they also look like they could be menus. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Movie Night at the Malibu Dollhouse!

It's summer, so it's time for some movie nights with ice cream!

This summer has been so busy with work and other projects that I haven't had much time for minis, unfortunately.  I think of last summer when I made all those backpacks!  But I am enjoying (when I can) everybody else's mini scenes and endeavors!  

Have a great weekend!

Credits:  Blue painting by Lisa Renfroe of PRD Miniatures; Red couch and white table by minimodernista; Ice cream on tray (yummy) by Kensington Miniatures on Etsy, orange cat by Annie Willis; and the DVD cases are from the seller maeminiworld on eBay (in Spain).  The TV, remote and white TV stand are eBay finds.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Cupcakes, and coffee for 10!

I tried 2 more projects from The Dolls House Magazine: the cupcakes and the coffee (April 2016).

I really liked the DHM suggestion of using paper to make the cupcake wrapper; I used origami paper.

A little cupcake party in the Malibu nursery:

However, I did think that the cupcakes needed more of an umbrella top and that they did not come out that well.  Then I bought a cupcake-making kit from The Mouse Kitchen and made the cupcakes with the green and purple bottoms. I might try that kit using the origami paper as a wrapper.

I also wanted to try a different frosting, so for 3 of the cupcakes, I used the decoden cream (which I had bought to make the coffee below).  This also helped to give them more of a muffin top shape.  The green one just has white sculpey clay with a gloss paint on it. 

Here are some of the original cupcakes before I put the decoden frosting on them.  I also made the flowers on the cake based on the instructions in the Dolls House Magazine (April 2016).  The flowers were supposed to go on the cupcakes, but mine were too big, so onto a cake they went!

I made the bundt cake using a mold from the Mouse Kitchen.  

And I made the black & white cookie (a popular NYC cookie) all by myself!

And here we are with coffee for 10!  Maybe some workmen are coming in for the mid-morning coffee at the Fat Cat Pub?   Actually, I had to make 10 for a NAME swap (theme: coffee/tea shop).

As per the article, I used brown deco sauce (I bought it from the MiniatureSweet Etsy store and it arrived quickly).  It seems to change color and then maybe change back again.  I also bought the decoden cream or fake whipped cream from them. So I piped that on top of the brown, once the brown deco sauce dried (which took about a week), and then I shaved some brown flakes (from chalk) as directed.

The doll is by Paola Ragonesi (she sells on Etsy).  Here she is with her fabulous boots. 

 I made her coffee shop apron (no sewing, just gluing with fabric glue).

Hope you enjoy some cupcakes or cake this week!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Relax, Soak,Unwind - Bathroom at 48

Here's the bathroom in 48.  I made the glass window by using plexiglass from HBS/ and using channel wood.  I used a 1/4 inch channel wood (from HBS) as the track on the top and the botoom, and I glue narrower channels around the plexiglass to make the sliding window. The glass window slides out so they can access it.

I also made a colorful curtain to give them some privacy from the others in the house -  as opposed to all the strangers that can just look in through the glass wall - I guess they face an ocean. :)

I used a bamboo skewer stick as the curtain rod.  

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

"Crafting a Roombox" birthday party for my 8 year old

For my daughter's 8th birthday party, we decided to have a "Crafting a Roombox" event.  I will say that I was VERY nervous about it.

I was still a bit traumatized from her last birthday party where there were twice tears and also some arguments.  One girl had cried because we didn't have enough sparkly dots (I had just put out what we had) when decorating frames, and then there was also tears and arguments during the treasure hunt (whose turn was it read the clue etc.).  When the party ended, my husband said, "well, that went well," as I collapsed into a chair.

But this party went well, and I really enjoyed it.   We invited all the girls of her class (unfortunately, our living room cannot fit the boys as well) and told everyone to bring a shoe box (although we had extras) and their favorite doll/animal.

One of the other mothers also offered to stay to help, which was great.

We bought lots of supplies at Michael's:  3 pads of scrapbook paper; construction paper; plastic plants; green plants; wood; green felt for grass and some other pretty felt colors.

 I also brought out my fabric collection.   And I saved food cartons and egg cartons for 2 months.  Before the party, I cut out couch shapes from the various food cartons that could be used as the base. (I also had FIMO clay in reserve in case.)  And I made little round tables by gluing thread to the round wood tops in advance.

I showed them a prototype cupcake shop:

Nobody wanted to do that.

They all wanted to make a house for their animal.

So  I showed them how to make a couch and pillows with fabric and fabric glue.  And how to cut the plastic flowers and make a pathway out of egg cartons.

Here was my other prototype:

And they all set to work - I really love the scrapbook paper as wallpaper.

Here are some of the finished projects:

This animal looks quite comfy. 

The pillow is still being clamped together here with binder clips.

Bed, couch, table and a garden!

Top view of a beautiful garden.

I love the egg carton chairs. 

A slide down from the top floor

(This one has a pool, a slide and a tunnel in the garden.)

My daughter kept working on hers, so it is now 3 stories high: 

I quite like her deck chairs out of cardboard and felt:

She drew some pictures as art for her bedroom:

And I particularly like her garden:

And one girl thanked me for teaching her how to make all this stuff.  

Saturday, May 21, 2016

A dress form

Continuing the sewing theme -- here is a dress form with a partially-completed dress.  (The sewing theme is a bit unintentional as I had been meaning to make the pajamas for over a year (see my New Year's resolutions for 2015), and then the shift dress project looked very easy.)

We just made this project in my mini club, and I actually completed it the same day (which doesn't happen often).

At the previous session, we each glued together the dress form from a Chrysnbon kit. Then we took the dress forms home.  With modge podge, I applied the very thin origami paper.  I had not tried modge podge before, so I thought it would be fun to try.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of it when it was finished (before I added the dress).

Then in class, I made the dress from the provided pattern, sewing first the top and then sewing the top to the skirt and then gluing it onto the mannequin.  And then I added the lace trim. 

Here is the dress form in the beginnings of a little sewing room (although I plan to replace the hutch).  

The very colorful thread holder on the wall is from Dragonfly International.  

Have a great rest of the weekend!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Relaxing on the unfinished Malibu Dolls House balcony (new furniture and a new shift dress)

Clearly, the builders are not coming any time soon to finish this balcony!

Another Dolls House Magazine project: the Shift Dress.  

This is from the March 2016 issue. 
And furniture from Anatolian Miniature - so beautifully made!  I am so happy with the 2 pieces. 

(with paper flooring quickly added - it does not look too bad)

(before the paper flooring was added for the picture)

I am going to try to make another shift dress that is a little smaller.  I have only online access to the magazine and I can't seem to print out the pages, so I guessed at the size of the pattern.  And it turned out a little too big. 

The grey cat is by Reve. 

The coffee and the cupcake are also projects from the Dolls House Magazine (but for another post). 

Hope you have a great weekend!