Thursday, July 30, 2020

And the Porch is Almost Finished!

I've made a lot of progress on my porch. It's one of my favorite Big Apple Miniaturists projects. I can't believe it has taken me this long since we started it (in this post). Thank you everybody who encouraged me to continue!

 I planted the flower beds in the front and the side. I still have to complete the other side.

The front flowers are all made from kits by Artistic Florals.

The peach poppies are from the estate of Helen David. They were unfinished. I mixed them in with a yellow poppies kit from Etsy. I love how they came out. The daisy kit was from Artistic Florals

I finished shingling the roof. I am going to paint it a washed-out grey.

And then I made the grass. I wanted to replicate what we had done to make the grass in the Theresa Layman class making the garden cottage. We used a static grass applicator--the electrical current makes the flock stand up in the glue. And so I bought the static grass applicator three (3!) years ago on eBay.

Unfortunately, it did not work as well for me this time. I don't know if it's the machine (I never tested it when it arrived) or me or both. I think maybe I needed to make the glue more watery.  Anyway, I am still happy with my grass. I think it partially stood up. And I will go watch some more train videos on electro-static flocking to find out to improve. Lol.

Here are some cats fighting that I bought on Etsy before the pandemic and which finally arrived safely. 

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

The Restaurant Kitchen and a Range Hood tutorial for the non-perfectionist

Range by TYA Kitchen, Pot filler by paperdollminiatures
and Chinese food by TwinheartMini

I have been working on my restaurant kitchen. I worked on the floor. I had copied this picture of blue tiles that I liked and I glued them all down. I added the white subway tile paper and gluing in the pot filler. (Quite happy that I managed not to lose it since I bought it/spray painted it.) I glued in the fruit tile picture I'd found and I glued in a shelf. 

I also worked on the other wall, adding another subway tile on one side. (I had bought several different versions, but I was happiest with the one on the wall above.) And the shipboard on the other side (seen).  And I added the swinging door.  I haven't yet glued the wall in. 

 Because the range from TYA kitchen is large, as befits a restaurant, the range hoods available for purchase are too small. So I decided to make one. But I am trying not to shop for supplies, so I used what was around (but I am well-stocked):

Range Hood Tutorial

-3V battery lights from Evan's Designs
-mesh from clementines bag
-silver paint
-aluminum paper
-aluminum sheets
-cardboard box

I actually made this twice. In the end, my original version, which I took apart, was, maybe, the better version. Oh well. 

I first put two pieces of cardboard together in the length of the range hood.  Then I drilled two holes in the cardboard where I wanted the lights to go. I put the lights in those holes. 

I painted the mesh bag silver. It came out GREAT. I was really pleased with this result. I painted it on top of the cardboard, which gave the cardboard a silver bottom. I then first covered the cardboard in the aluminum paper, creating a slit where the light wires emerged.

Silver paint on the mesh bag

With the aluminum paper - smoother over the edge

My friend suggested I use the aluminum sheets. I had forgotten I had the aluminum sheets, and I thought that they would look better. So I took apart the original one and re-did it.  Apparently, the trick for getting the edges is to score it first with a knife, although you may end up cutting through your aluminum. As my friend told me after she saw my latest creation. Lol. So that's the pro tip for anyone trying to make this from this tutorial. 

I did not do that. 

I just bent it around the cardboard and then I ended up denting it and giving it all sorts of weird angles. 

Looking good at this point

Then I attached it to the ceiling with magnets because I want to be able to remove it for pictures.  Anyway, I am still pleased with it. Apparently, it's a well-loved, much used range hood. And I love my lights!

And here is the kitchen now:

I still need to make a small refrigerator covered by a counter, glue in that wall and add potentially more shelves. Oh and paint the ceiling white.

Hope you are all doing well and #stayingsafe!

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

My Miniature Garden is Growing

So now we have tulips, hydrangeas, and daffodils. All the kits are from Artistic Florals.

 I took out all the parts of the Big Apple Miniaturists kit, which I last worked on in 2017! I will be excited if I finish this club project. 

I thought I just had to glue the pieces together, but apparently there is still some measuring and cutting involved.  But I did it. And it made me very happy.

Unfortunately, I can't find where I placed the screen door, so that is still to be found.

And then I couldn't decide whether I should go for it and add a light in the ceiling. We had shingled to allow for lights. My friend suggested just the light by the door. I ordered one from, but it is on back-order. And I am impatient. (Apparently after 3 years of waiting. Lol.)  And this really had the perfect space for a light with that groove in the middle of the roof to hide the wire. I ordered lights from Evan's Design.

And VOILA! Light!

The hard part is going to be committing to where I place the flowers.

And I can't decide if I should add the additional poles to place in the front to hold up the roof, since there is such a long roof overhang.

Hope everyone is doing well and #stayingsafe!

Thursday, April 16, 2020

A belated Happy Easter!

Hope everyone had a happy Easter and happy Passover!

We had a lot of egg hunts inside our apartment with plastic eggs. I was able to get two chocolate bunnies and M&Ms delivered for the Easter basket, but that was it. I even tried to look for their old Halloween/Valentine's Day candy, but they'd eaten it. :)

I did an outdoor dollhouse egg hunt scene--in my unfinished porch. This was a club project from 2017 (time passes quickly!).

Can you find 6 hidden eggs?

And then my son hid even more eggs for you to find. 
How  many eggs can you find in these 2 pictures?

 I should try to finish this porch, but I haven't had much mini time, between work, homeschooling and cooking meals.

We also made Easter cookies, so I made this little scene, which needs light. 

For more Easter scenes, check out last year's Easter post

Hope everyone is doing well!

Sunday, March 29, 2020

The Denver "little" Show

Several asked if I had a romantic Valentine's Day as pictured in my last post, and I have to say that I didn't, but instead I went to the Denver "little" show on Saturday with my sister-in-law, so that was even better for me!

Do you think my human will finish this deck while #stayinghome?

I hope everyone is doing well. We live in NYC and we are on Day 15 of being in our apartment. We have a small balcony, so we soak up sun out there. It is hardest on the kids who miss seeing their friends and doing sports. But we are healthy and lucky. I worry about the medical workers who are on the front line, the grocery, postal & delivery workers, the people working in warehouses, and those who are financially struggling now. We did the 7 p.m. clap tonight to honor their work, and that was very moving to hear everyone clapping and yelling.

But back to minis. I have enough mini projects to last me months in quarantine.

Here are some of my purchases from the Denver "mini" show.

 I bought this beautiful afghan.

I bought another starter room. 

It even comes with the plexiglass case

From the same vendor table, which has three different miniaturists selling:

This workout set from Genuine Imitations

These Christmas tree ornaments and cookie tray from David's Dollhouse

These cute little bears, the amazing wallet with money, a little beachy tray

Some more amazing finds:

And a mini castle kit, a dragon shield for the castle and Halloween bags from Genuine Imitations: 

I bought these blue folding chairs in the #DMMDT auction to support the Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls, and Toys: 

The bookstore will be ready for a book talk when it reopens.

And then I also bought these items from the Denver Mini Doll Toy Museum:

The soap/towels found a home in my children's dollhouse bathroom

And the flowers found a place outside the flower store:

They also had a crafting table so my sister-in-law and I spent some time crafting with beads and glue:

This show feels like a long time ago.

Wishing everyone well. 

I hope you are all healthy. 

 If you are in an area that is not yet #staying home,  I recommend staying home as much as possible and stocking up.  We can't get flour and yeast right now, because everyone is stress-baking (me too). 

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Happy Valentine's Day 2020!

 The kids are making their cards with love.

Someone just bought this delicious strawberry tart.

(I bought the strawberry tart on Etsy from TinyAppetite. The cake in preparation was a NAME swap gift (the theme was Valentine's Day) That was a great swap.).

Someone bought roses from the new flower shop in town. (Hurray! Our first customer!)

And someone is making a yummy breakfast.

To deliver breakfast in bed!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Happy Chinese New Year 2020!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Here is our Asian restaurant waiting for customers. With lots of yummy food.

And here are all the customers. I was playing with my child so that's why most of the kids have their own table. They're very independent in this town. 

And then of course, we had a celebration with the Dragon. 

I love this bamboo plant from hbs/miniatures

Happy Year of the Rat!