Friday, March 24, 2017

Making mint and parsley herb plants

I will need some herb plants for my garden cottage because my witch might need some herbs to make potions etc.

And so I made a mint plant and a parsley plant from the doll house herb plant tutorial in The Dolls House Magazine, September 2015.

Here they are in their pots in the Malibu kitchen - I love how crisp the parsley plant cardstock pot looks! I can't believe it's cardstock (although my mint pot got a bit messed up.)  I still have to make another two in dirt for a garden.

I've been meaning to make these herb plants ever since I saw the article.  In fact, it was quite ironic because I wanted herb plants, and I asked every plant vendor at the Chicago Show in April 2015.  No herb plants.  Then I looked on Etsy and found some there and bought those.  And then several months later - the article in Dolls House Magazine on making herb plants!  But then I just filed it away as something to make one day.  However, it seems that now that I have to pack up my craft room - I am quite inspired to make many things.

When my daughter saw my parsley plant, and I said it was really fun and easy to make, then she wanted to make one.  So today we made both the parsley plant and the mint plant.  (The mint plant is not quite as easy.)

Here are our plants:

I highly recommend the tutorial! (And I think the parsley plant method could also be used to make a little bonsai tree or even 1/144 trees). 

Have a great weekend!


  1. They look great. Those leaves are so incredibly fussy to work with! I think I might try my parsley again but with a fine moss. My parsley looks bonsai-ish with the green turf fluff

    1. Yes, the leaves are fussy - it was not so easy for my daughter. And then my 5 year old son said he loved the mint plant and he wanted to make one, so we are going to try.

    2. I thought we should try to find a ridged paper for the mint plant.

  2. You guys did an amazing job on the parsley and mint! I love the one you gave me THANK YOU!!!!