Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Dutch Hotel Scene

I started building a Dutch hotel lobby and breakfast scene in a shelf to satiate my travel longings.

My father was Dutch, and so we used to travel to Holland once a year, but we haven't been in years because my children are still small.  (We went once when my daughter was almost one.  I think we spent most of the day sleeping in the hotel room because she was up all night with jet lag, so it didn't end up being quite the trip I had planned, although I still got to catch up with my friends there).  

I am planning to build a canal doll house hotel eventually (but that is going to take some time still and more importantly, I need to find some space).   I think a hotel will be fun because I can decorate the rooms in different styles (and maybe even different color backgrounds (like The William Hotel in Manhattan, which I've seen only in pictures).)

Here is the entrance lobby.

I saw the Bespaq hotel lobby key and mail cubby hole cabinet on ebay, but I thought it was too expensive,  Then suddenly, one of my favorite eBay sellers posted this hutch for sale, and I realized that I could just write the room numbers below the key/mailboxes in chalk and it would have a similar effect.  

Of course, it needed a map of Amsterdam in the background (and tulips).   The reception desk is a PRD miniatures table.  And I bought the pink luggage set at the NAME online houseparty in April from one of my virtual tablemates:   Sheila Seme. They are so adorable with the little luggage tags.  The blue luggage is Japan Yujin toys, and I highly recommend them because they open.  My daughter loves to try to pack in them (and so far, they have not broken.)  The luggage stands are from Dolls House Emporium (does anyone have their new catalogue?  do they have a lot of new products?  I wish they still sent out the catalogue for free, or at least free shipping.)

And then here is the breakfast room - I love fancy Dutch hotel buffet breakfasts.   This has been Americanized (with the bagels etc).   I am still looking to add a miniature box of Hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles that are put on toast for breakfast) and other specifically Dutch products.   

I won the Amanda Phillips' toast and jam set from the American Miniaturist contest - which was a huge surprise.  But I was so happy because I had wanted it for this scene.  

The watercolor art is from my friend Anne-Marie Ambelli's art show catalogue . I still have to make some frames for them.  I was happy to find the miniature Nutella on Ebay (as well as most of the other food). 

Hope you enjoy!