Saturday, October 10, 2015

Portent Potions

Welcome to our "Portent Potions" class. 

Always a good thing to know before Halloween begins. 

The bookcase, round table and light are from my childhood dollhouse.  My childhood dollhouse had a library with a "secret" door and staircase.  My mom made all those books individually.  Most everything else was purchased on eBay or Etsy (although I made the book he is reading, the "Witch Spell Notes" notebook and the little silver test tub of red bubbles.)  I even bought the roombox on eBay from seller: innovativedh12570.  I was very happy to get the wizard and the dragon.  I had been looking for awhile and I was sure I was going to be outbid.  And I am afraid that after my cat died, I bought a lot of dollhouse animals. In fact, my eBay feed is now filled with 1/12 animals.  

The purple glitter house is from Karen Aird.  The little grey Halloween house is a True2Scale kit that I made.  It was easy and lots of fun. 

Here is the True2Scale Halloween House kit lit up with a blue LED light inside -- still in mid-progress during this photo as I have not yet added the wire trees etc. 

The funny thing is that I saw Pottery Barn selling these kinds of house (in the RL size version) as Halloween decoration for your RL apartment.  But now that I have made it in mini version, I think it would be pretty easy to make in the bigger version for my apartment decoration.  But for now, I will stay with the mini version :)


  1. What a great details in your Halloween room, I like the wooden walking stick... it reminds me of the lord of the rings Gandalf had that one very powerfull lol!
    Great to have the books your mother made always a lovely memory to think of.
    The cat is how he or she looks up is a beauty!
    Have a nice day,
    groetjes van Marijke

    1. Thanks so much! The wooden walking stick does look like Gandalf's stick! Yes, the cat reminds me a bit of our family Maine Coon Cat, who was called Huckleberry so that is this cat's name as well. Have a great day as well!

  2. I love this! The wizard is great and the books too, and the cute little house!! Everything is just great =)

    1. Thanks so much Hannah! I am so happy that you like it!