Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween 2015!

It is time to go to the Halloween party!  The children are going with their moms, who are also in costume, of course! 

(The red-haired witch is by Marina from etsy doll store:

Their friends have been very busy decorating the outside of Waterside Way!

And the inside of their apartment!

(The paper hanging ghosts are also complimentary projects from Ann Vanture's free newsletter subscription:

Even their dog is in costume!
(I bought the black cat pillows from Otterine's etsy shop.)

There is lots of great Halloween-themed food. 

(The little paper candy basket is made from complimentary printouts from Ann Vanture's newsletter and the subscription is free.  The black spider paper tablecloth is a complimentary printout from American Miniaturist. We made the orange cake with a spider web last Halloween from an article in American Miniaturist- see last year's Happy Halloween post.) 

There is a witch telling fortunes in one corner.  
(The background is from another complimentary project from Ann
Vanture's complimentary mini printouts in her newsletter - which hopefully I will do next year).

Some friends are bobbing for apples.

(Another gift in the Holiday themed NAME swap).

And they were hoping to get flying lessons at midnight, but their parents said they can't stay up that late. 

(Lanky witch from Adora Bella Minis; pumpkin on books is from KastleKelm from eBay.  And the table is from ebay seller:barblip. But I made the crystal ball and the little sign, as you undoubtedly guessed).