Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Costumes Required!

I wanted to make the fairy costume that was one of the projects in the recent Dolls' House Magazine, but my daughter said she didn't want her doll to have a fairy costume.  She wanted a puppy costume like hers.  And then my son wanted an astronaut costume like his. And so I have been making 2 mini costumes at night for several days now.

(Of course, I had already bought some materials to make the fairy costume, so maybe next year. . .)


The children have been invited to a Halloween party tomorrow night - "Costumes Required!"  - so they are very excited to have these costumes.  

(The sign is from the October American Miniaturist magazine and I received the pumpkin on the door as part of a NAME swap (one of my favorite swaps - the theme was holidays).  


  1. I'm impressed by your costumes! I think clothes are so hard to make (in miniature). You have done a great job, hope the kids were happy =)

    1. Thanks so much! My children were very happy with them - luckily they are not so critical (now). My husband was not as impressed, though. But my sister-in-law was able to figure out what the kids were for Halloween when I sent her the picture as a preview!