Wednesday, June 24, 2020

The Restaurant Kitchen and a Range Hood tutorial for the non-perfectionist

Range by TYA Kitchen, Pot filler by paperdollminiatures
and Chinese food by TwinheartMini

I have been working on my restaurant kitchen. I worked on the floor. I had copied this picture of blue tiles that I liked and I glued them all down. I added the white subway tile paper and gluing in the pot filler. (Quite happy that I managed not to lose it since I bought it/spray painted it.) I glued in the fruit tile picture I'd found and I glued in a shelf. 

I also worked on the other wall, adding another subway tile on one side. (I had bought several different versions, but I was happiest with the one on the wall above.) And the shipboard on the other side (seen).  And I added the swinging door.  I haven't yet glued the wall in. 

 Because the range from TYA kitchen is large, as befits a restaurant, the range hoods available for purchase are too small. So I decided to make one. But I am trying not to shop for supplies, so I used what was around (but I am well-stocked):

Range Hood Tutorial

-3V battery lights from Evan's Designs
-mesh from clementines bag
-silver paint
-aluminum paper
-aluminum sheets
-cardboard box

I actually made this twice. In the end, my original version, which I took apart, was, maybe, the better version. Oh well. 

I first put two pieces of cardboard together in the length of the range hood.  Then I drilled two holes in the cardboard where I wanted the lights to go. I put the lights in those holes. 

I painted the mesh bag silver. It came out GREAT. I was really pleased with this result. I painted it on top of the cardboard, which gave the cardboard a silver bottom. I then first covered the cardboard in the aluminum paper, creating a slit where the light wires emerged.

Silver paint on the mesh bag

With the aluminum paper - smoother over the edge

My friend suggested I use the aluminum sheets. I had forgotten I had the aluminum sheets, and I thought that they would look better. So I took apart the original one and re-did it.  Apparently, the trick for getting the edges is to score it first with a knife, although you may end up cutting through your aluminum. As my friend told me after she saw my latest creation. Lol. So that's the pro tip for anyone trying to make this from this tutorial. 

I did not do that. 

I just bent it around the cardboard and then I ended up denting it and giving it all sorts of weird angles. 

Looking good at this point

Then I attached it to the ceiling with magnets because I want to be able to remove it for pictures.  Anyway, I am still pleased with it. Apparently, it's a well-loved, much used range hood. And I love my lights!

And here is the kitchen now:

I still need to make a small refrigerator covered by a counter, glue in that wall and add potentially more shelves. Oh and paint the ceiling white.

Hope you are all doing well and #stayingsafe!


  1. I love this restaurant kitchen, Kathy, and I love the creative and authentic looking hood you came up with! Bravo for using what you had in this Covid restricted craft supply era! It adds that touch of realism and with the subway tiles behind it, it looks modern and fresh! The stove is to die for and this little restaurant must get rave reviews! Just need a stack of take out containers so they can stay in business in our current and challenging situation!

    1. Thanks so much Jodi! I do need to get takeout containers for my little restaurant so it can stay in business! It has been spending this time updating its kitchen, but now maybe it's time to go back in business. Of course, the owner says "But I need outdoor seating!" Lol.

  2. Your custom stove hood looks like a good match with your stainless steel stove and now I think I'm hungry for some Chinese food!