Wednesday, May 6, 2020

My Miniature Garden is Growing

So now we have tulips, hydrangeas, and daffodils. All the kits are from Artistic Florals.

 I took out all the parts of the Big Apple Miniaturists kit, which I last worked on in 2017! I will be excited if I finish this club project. 

I thought I just had to glue the pieces together, but apparently there is still some measuring and cutting involved.  But I did it. And it made me very happy.

Unfortunately, I can't find where I placed the screen door, so that is still to be found.

And then I couldn't decide whether I should go for it and add a light in the ceiling. We had shingled to allow for lights. My friend suggested just the light by the door. I ordered one from, but it is on back-order. And I am impatient. (Apparently after 3 years of waiting. Lol.)  And this really had the perfect space for a light with that groove in the middle of the roof to hide the wire. I ordered lights from Evan's Design.

And VOILA! Light!

The hard part is going to be committing to where I place the flowers.

And I can't decide if I should add the additional poles to place in the front to hold up the roof, since there is such a long roof overhang.

Hope everyone is doing well and #stayingsafe!


  1. If you're not sure about flower placement you could always do movable flower beds like I did for my Craftsman mini house. Florists foam covered in coffee/glue=dirt with the flowers pushed in to it. You can have them low enough that they look like little beds but on a similar background that they're moveable isn't too noticeable. And then you can rearrange to your hearts content.

    1. That's a good idea. I have been putting them into air dry clay, covered by glue/tea (not a coffee drinker). But maybe, as you suggest, I don't glue those in. Hope you are feeling better!

  2. I love, love, LOVE this porch! So inspiring and I think that is why my mind went right to making mom a porch for Mother's Day! Great work on all the gorgeous flowers, too!!!

  3. For planting, You can use brown flexible Plasteline. Covered with a sprinkle of green ground foam it looks like natural earth. The plants stay firm inside, no need for glue and you can always take them out. Plants and flowers crafting makes is concentrating work, makes you forget there are problems outside.
    Stay well and healthy!
    Hugs, Drora

  4. What a beautiful plants you create wow love the porch.
    Have fun with placing your plants!
    groetjes van Marijke

  5. Your miniature garden IS not only growing but it looks Very Healthy too, although they do say that gardeners who love their flowers, reap a better return than those who don't! ;) Two Green Thumbs Up on the plants and on your Gorgeous porch!