Saturday, November 30, 2019

Bookstore Blue

I couldn't decide initially what to do with the façade of the bookstore, but eventually I went with my original desire to paint it all blue.

I considered doing stone on the front bottom to match the side walls.  I made a sample on cardboard
But for some reason, it didn't look right.
So I painted it all blue.

I also flirted with building the second floor, going as far as to cut the plywood floors and one wall (love that wall shape).

But then I decided against that for now. Too many space constraints in my apartment.

I added the door handles from Ron Stetkewicz Miniatures

Next I am working on lighting and painting the letters of the name. I can't decide if it should be gold or white, so I'm making a sample of each.

And I keep getting distracted and making more books.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


  1. Oooh...what's the name of the bookstore? Love the blue!

  2. The Magic Portal! I just glued the letters on.

  3. I love the happy facade with that cheerful blue and yellow combination! If only the space in our real life homes could accommodate all our mini dreams! Can't wait to see the inside all put together! Hope it all goes smoothly from here!

  4. I ADORE bookstores no matter Big 1:1 or Small 1/12th and I am eagerly anticipating how you will finish yours!
    Love the french doors and the cobalt blue facade!

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