Friday, November 3, 2017

IGMA Show - Small Beginnings - the Children only shopping area

Sheila from Shenandoah and Stuff asked me what my children bought at Small Beginnings, the children only table at the IGMA show.   

I am always very excited to see what they bought when we arrive home (no adults are allowed in the children's corner.)  It even has a wall around it so you cannot see in (I should take a picture). 

So here are their purchases.  

They found some great stuff.   Miniaturists are very generous with their donations to Small Beginnings.

The best find was this bed.  My daughter found it.   I think she found the chair there last year.
The covers are made by mother-in-law.  

Here are my son's purchases (he is only 5).  He first came out having only spent 80 cents. 

I reminded him that he had a garden and he went back in and came out with these plants.  That was a good find.  He also found the really cute mailbox and the box of fruit.  (The little mailbox has a flag that can stick up, so at Christmas time, I am planning to put some Christmas cards in there and put up the flag 😉)

He told the ladies who work that corner (they are very nice) that he had a castle dollhouse and they showed him this.  At first he said no, because his castle was a much bigger size, but then when we were looking at the stalls outside and he saw something similar for much more, he said he wanted to go back and get it.  I think they are very nice and his little boys can use them as toys.

Here are my daughter's purchases (although the fish tank was from the auction outside) and the blue stone was purchased from Artistic Florals by Arlene Finkelstein: 

The train track is very cool:

She also found these lamps:

And some more animals:

She bought this fish tank from the auction (another mom outbid her but very kindly allowed her to get it)

And then outside the Children's Corner, I bought them each a dog and a fish bag, and Sofie also bought these flowers from Artistic Florals:

My son really wanted this armor that went for around $80 in the auction and some swords that were around $20 each, so that was too expensive.  Instead I found these on eBay for him:
I particularly love the suit of armor.  

Have a great weekend!


  1. That is just wonderful that they got all these minis!!! The mini force is strong within them ;) do post pictures of their mini styling with the new items!

    1. Yes, my daughter especially has now a really good collection of miniatures. She has found some wonderful things at the IGMA children's table (this is her third year). I will post pictures of their dollhouses.

  2. Wow they did really well. Love that mailbox!

    I had a thought that you might be able to make him some standing armor with painted cardboard and tinfoil over an old GI Joe figure.

    1. That's a good idea. I did buy some dollhouse dolls on ebay this summer to make some knights, but I never got to it. I hadn't thought of using cardboard so I will definitely try that. (And GI Joe is probably more appropriately-muscled than the dolls I bought:)

  3. I am so impressed at what they had for the kids! And I love that the kids feel like there is something special just for them. They got some awesome goodies, and I bet lovely memories are in store for all of you to share with them!

    1. The donations are amazing. The first time, my daughter and I were on the bus stop waiting for the bus to take us home with some other women who'd attended the show. My daughter started pulling out her purchases. The other women were also amazed. She had bought some plants for about 25 cents that were probably 25 dollars outside the children's corner and in kit form still.

  4. I think that it is a Marvelous idea to have a designated area Just For Kids! It is always a good thing when you can share a hobby with your children and that they have a genuine interest in it, too!
    Both of your kids have made some lovely purchases and I am Thrilled that you found something PERFECT for your son's castle on ebay-
    All 3 of you deserve an A+ in Shopping! :D

    1. It really is. It also allows the Parents to SHOP!
      Yes, they share the mini madness!
      Thanks for the A+!

  5. Excellent mini purchases by your minis! :)
    Love the animals.. the bed is fab as is the train track. Love your son's mailbox and guitar and his little castle figurines. And how great is that armor you found him! So glad you all had a successful mini spree. :)