Friday, October 13, 2017

N.A.M.E. Grandparents' Attic Swap

I can't believe I completely missed September on my blog.  Well, I can believe it.  Our renovation was not done, so we had to move to my mom's.  It was completely chaotic - what with the start of the school and moving to a different house and still coming back to our apartment to check on the renovation and deciding on all the final items.

But I still found time in September to make some minis (and to do some mini shopping).  It was much needed to save my sanity.

I signed up for the N.A.M.E. online group swap.  The theme was Grandparents' attic, so I made romantic letters tied with a ribbon and a "Celebrate" Banner. 

And this week, the return box of swap packages arrived.

Also, the renovation is now done (Hurray!) and I have been unpacking boxes.

And unpacking boxes.

(This just shows 1/2 of boxes. This is a side view of the children's dollhouse and that pink dollhouse is an ice cream parlor).

And unpacking boxes.  Another dollhouse roombox!?   I had completely forgotten how many roomboxes I had.

We still need to design my new space in our bedroom, so there will be boxes for awhile yet.

And here are the return swaps - so many great items:

(That's an unfinished quilt in the background that Grandma still intends to make)

(maybe with these sewing supplies also provided in a box - and the box of tiles had little tiles)

(a box of Christmas decorations) 

(I like the interior patterns on the suitcases)

(little lighbulbs - I have not seen those before)

Excited to use the books and the paints!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. What a lovely assortment of mini items for you to play with. I love the bottles of craft paints and the books too!
    It is awkward living through a home renovation, however it is very gratifying when you finally come to the end and then get to fully enjoy it.


  2. I know. Everyone was so creative. I am so happy to receive the craft paints. We got the instructions on how to make those in another NAME project, but mine did not come out quite as well as these - some of them had trouble standing straight :) So I am very happy to have these to add to my collection. Hope all is well with you!