Saturday, October 21, 2017

IGMA Show - September 2017

And now to post about the shopping:  I went to the IGMA show in September with my whole family.  It was a great show.

The kids love Small Beginnings - the Children's Table (no grown-ups allowed) as do I.  I kept sending them back in so I could shop.  The first time my son came out, he had only spent 80 cents.

But we also went around the whole show together.

From Cinen Miniatures, I bought the bakery sign - here it is in front of my bakery:

Here is a picture of everything I purchased from Cinen Miniature:

A Halloween crow:

A suitcase from Sylvia Rountree of the Dolls' Cobbler - she was also very nice to talk to.  

Beautiful flowers from Artistic Florals by Arlene Finkelstein - we always enjoy chatting with Arlene and my daughter told her all about her dollhouse plans.  We bought these to give as a gift, but now I think I like them too much:

Lots of goodies from The Little DollHouse Company from Canada.  First a beautiful pot and a clock:

And then a little bat, a shooting star cookie cutter and a set of paints:

Flowers from Karen Aird's Dollhouse Shop (I bought these so I could keep the flowers from Arlene, but now I think I like these too much):

And yes, there were more purchases made, so To Be Continued. . . 

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Sounds like you had a great time! What did the kids buy?

    1. I'll have to do another post with their purchases. Sofie got a great bed. Kasper got some flowers when I reminded him that the castle had a garden and to look for some plants.

  2. Amazing buys!!! The florals are especially wonderful

    1. Thank you! When my kids are bigger, I want to come to the Toronto show - after seeing what you bought.
      Yes, I am going to keep the flowers and buy a bottle of RL wine as a gift :)