Sunday, October 29, 2017

A Halloween Mystery

Can you figure out what happened?  

The dragon seems to be occupied reading a book and eating candy (although maybe he is looking at all those potions spilling over madly).

It looks like someone was studying and eating candy corns and then the chair fell over.

There's a haunted dollhouse near the bed.

A table with lots of spells and potions. It looks like someone created a frog.  He looks a bit bewildered to be there. 

And a little witch on the floor with a dropped silver potion bottle and a spilling container of eyeballs.  And a very upset black cat who is arching his back. 

Have you guessed it?

Nobody in my family was able to guess it (what does that say about my story scene-setting abilities?)

Yes, the girl witch drank a potion to shrink herself so she could go play in her dollhouse.  👻👻😉

Happy Halloween!


  1. Aha! It all makes sense now! :o)
    And from the look on his face, that dragon definitely has a secret... Maybe he's just figured out that if the witch is small and distracted, that big bowl of candy is all for him!

    1. Yes, he definitely has that look! I think he had figured that out!

  2. Hello Penelope,
    Love this scene, love this doll! It is a great story line!I can definitely tell that something happened here. I would like to have seen the cute little witch with a large broom in her hand and the large potion bottle in the other to give the hint that she shrank.
    Lol's - you did a great job!

    1. Yes, that would have definitely helped explain the story line! Thank you!