Thursday, April 3, 2014

Waterside Way - Second Floor - Blue Painting

Currently, the second floor is a bit more traditional - except for the living room.  I love the blue painting.  I bought it on Ebay.  The artist name that was given was AK. 
I have always loved the work of Rothko and Miro, and when I moved into my first apartment, I went looking for an abstract blue painting.  The search, similar to the treasure hunt for miniatures, was in itself fun, because you meet so many interesting people along the way.  (I did find my blue painting eventually - by pure chance.  I liked the expressive brush stroke of an artist that I saw at the NY Affordable Art Fair, but I felt I couldn't spend any more during that show, so I just took down the artist's contact information, and later I sent him an email. And then he wrote me that he was having a show in NY in a church basement later that year.  So I went to see the show, and there on the wall was the blue painting I had been looking for!  Which I still love. )  
But it is a lot cheaper to buy miniature paintings :) 
I am going to try to take a better picture, though, of it, and the room.
The Goods:  The couch is from Streets Ahead; most of the accessories are from NAME swaps, and the Keep Calm pillow is a complimentary gift from Mad for Mod.  The table and the plant are from DHE.   

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