Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!  Luckily the kids left their toys out in the living room, so there was plenty of places to hide Easter eggs.
I made the two baskets on the table from wooden coffee stir sticks.  I cut them with a scissor and glued the pieces to a thick piece of cardboard. I then cut a thin strip from paint color samples (lots of pastel colors available) to create the basket handle.  I painted the one on the left white and purple.  I got the idea from a shabby chic Easter basket that was on sale on Ebay, but went too high for me.  The chocolate bunnies were made by Megan's Minis.  
    Hope you can find the 6 "hidden" eggs! 
Happy Easter!!

Credits: bunnies by Megan's Minis; cat and couch by DollsHouse Emporium; coffeetable by minimodernistas; pillows by me; truck and flowers from NAME swaps/auctions; cupcakes from; and the rest is Ebay finds.

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