Sunday, April 13, 2014

Malibu Beach Dollhouse: a white kitchen

I first started building the Dolls House Emporium Malibu dollshouse, but I still have yet to finish. So many pieces and so much painting!  But I did finish the kitchen.  So I started decorating that (although there is more to do).  I've always been tempted to have a white kitchen in real life, but worried that it might be too sterile, so instead I am playing with it in mini (although I don't have a white oven wall unit). 
Of course, you need the lemons for proper "staging."

Credits:  the table is minimodernistas; the tulip chairs are reac; the blue lamp is Heidi Ott; the central white kitchen counter with sink and range is PRD Miniatures; the range  hood is Elf Miniatures; the sink is from my childhood dollhouse (with an updated faucet).
And then I thought maybe it needed some more life
And so I added the leeks on top of the refrigerator (which I just love - from beautifullyhandmade on eBay, dishtowel (from CariAd Miniatures) and Scruffy the dog and Audrey the cat. 
Hope you enjoy!

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