Thursday, May 23, 2019

Library Diorama for the Public School Library

My son's elementary school has an "Everybody Reads" week where authors and others come in and talk about reading. 

For the event, I made a little library diorama for the library. The librarian usually reads to the children from a rocking chair, so I found a rocking chair in my stash.

I learned that I had to tacky-wax the books in.

As Sheila said from, it looked like the tiny librarian had a temper tantrum. Or there was an earthquake. Or as others said, it looked like the mess their kids made when they were younger.  Which reminded me of the time it was too quiet, and my daughter and her friend had moved all the books from her bookshelf into the bathroom. (Why?  I am not sure. I took it as a good sign that they thought they needed books in their hide-out, even if it was a lot of work to put them all back). 

But it definitely wasn't going to cause much joy if someone had to keep putting those books back. 

My friend Ketsia Elie at gave me most of the material to make both the wood structure and the books. Thank you Ketsia! I used her techniques of using little foam pads for the books as well as cutting up magazines. 

I bought the white bookshelf, but I made the other two shelves on the side walls.

She also gave me many of the book covers which she had made from the internet. 

My children also eat waffles for breakfast often, and L'eggo waffles over this past summer was giving away Scholastic books if you bought a certain number of packages. They featured the book covers on the waffles box.  They were even proportionally right! This was perfect as it featured many of my children's favorite books like Dragon Masters.

It's fun overhearing the children in the library find some of their favorite books displayed like Owl Diary or The School of Good and Evil or Harry Potter.

Hope you have a great week!


  1. How Sweet!!! I think that reading aloud to children sets their imaginations into high gear and is invaluable!! I love the rocking chair inside your mini reading corner with some of the mini books being cut from the Waffle Boxes promo- Double your pleasure!!! :D

  2. What a neat presentation to go along with the reading program! I bet the kids were fascinated with it! I love the flooring, too!

  3. A very generous tribute to the Librarian of this school, having this fabulous box to accompany her reading. I love all the details. Your son must be very proud of his mum.
    Hugs, Drora