Sunday, April 21, 2019

Happy Easter 2019!

Happy Easter!

I made the one Easter basket out of coffee stirrers and cut a strip from a paint color sample card for the yellow handle. 

The crayoning book and crayons are the pre-order gift for ordering The Book of Mini by @dailymini. I bought the pink Easter basket at the First Annual Garden State Dollhouse and Miniatures Show in New Jersey last weekend (so much fun!) from the table of Whimsies Dollhouse Shop.

I also made the little bunny and purple bowl of eggs out of polymer clay - as you can undoubtedly tell. Unfortunately, the bunny's ear broke and the pen color smeared when I glazed it, but I still like it.

I bought that fabulous red lamp in the corner from Mitchy Moo Miniatures. It fits my living room perfectly.

The distressed truck with the bunny and eggs is from Mini Fun Times on Etsy. 

Yummy, yummy cookies. I bought these from Little Things by Anna.

The bakery has been busy baking spring cakes. I received this cake as a swap gift from one of the National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts Online swap. I think that the theme was spring. It's so beautiful. My photograph does not really do it justice. It has very shiny chocolate frosting.

The bakery has made a varied selection of cakes and cupcakes from which to choose!

I made the cake in the middle out of polymer clay from a tutorial in The Dolls House Magazine, although I did make the flowers a little too big. The cupcakes in the front are from HBS Miniatures and the cupcakes to the left are from Ruth Stewart. My daughter bought the little lamb cake at the chldren's table at the IGMA show. 

Now the bakery is busy making bunny cookies:

(also bought at the show from Whimsies Dollhouse Shop)

Meanwhile Waterside Way Apartment 2 managed to find and put out its Easter egg wreath.

Hope you all enjoy your Easter or your Sunday!


  1. Hope you had a wonderful Easter Sunday! Love all the little colored eggs, chocolate bunny and cakes. Yum!
    Mini huggs,

  2. So much springy, Easteriness to enjoy in every little scene! Thanks for sharing! I hope you had a wonderful time with the family!

    1. Yes, I love all those colors. We did. We did many Easter egg hunts. My children love Easter egg hunts. Only this year, I said we cannot hide any eggs in the dollhouses because last year a piece of furniture broke when my mom reached for an egg at the same time as someone else. I hope you had a wonderful time with your family too!

  3. Ooh, gorgeous new goodies. Love your Easter display.