Friday, December 8, 2017


I saw this tutorial that looked simple and fun for making stockings in Dolls House & Miniature Scene (October 2017 issue), so I decided to make some stockings.  

My mini club (#BigAppleMiniaturists) has a gift exchange so I am extra inspired to try out some tutorials. 

In the meantime, I have also been busy unpacking my minis and putting furniture back into my dollhouses.   So fun! Very exciting!   I love finding all my minis again, although I still have many boxes left to unpack.  (At the end of the packing process in June, I completely stopped indexing and just put all my miniatures all in boxes, so I could get everything packed up before the renovation began.)

 So I put together the above scene with my stocking. (Poang chais is from Etsy: Chelseamakes; Box of Blue Christmas decorations is from eBay: littledaydreams)

But here is a close-up of my stocking following the October tutorial:

Then I unpacked some more items and added some more items to the fireplace.

I made the frame this summer.  It is one of my favorite makes this year.  I made the angel many years ago.  And the Christmas plate is from Ginger Landon Siegel.

And then I made more stockings with all different designs.  It is really addictive.  I particularly like my little angel. 

Then I made some wrapped Christmas presents.  

Here's a present wrapping scene:

Have a great weekend!


  1. When you are re-visiting your dollhouse after a long absence it is like re-dicovering your own collection all over again!
    Your Christmas stockings are lovely and look like they were lots of fun to make. I'm sure that they will be much appreciated at your swap. :D


    1. Yes, it makes me so happy to find all my treasures again! Many of the club members liked the stockings and I explained how to make them because it is really easy.

  2. I wish I could come by and play, I mean help you unpack! It sounds like so much fun! The angel really is adorable!

    1. ME TOO! That would be so much fun! I would also love to visit your house and see all your wonderful miniature creations in person! Some day I will have to do a trip visiting blog friends and seeing their miniatures - what fun that will be!