Thursday, September 22, 2016

Back to School Shoe Shopping!

For mom and daughter!

 The high heels are by Patrizia Santi - mom's favorite shoe shop!

The little blue shoes are by minis2you - so adorable!

(I bought the little stuffed pilot when I was in Tokyo.)

Patrizia Santi now has a website:

So many beautiful shoes!  So dangerous!

Meanwhile the mom has also bought herself a new agenda -- so she can keep track of all the new school schedules and events.

The agenda is also from the Etsy shop of minis2you. It can even open - but I was afraid to try to do that.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh Back To School shopping! So exciting for the kiddos! And so expensive for the parents. Cherish these rituals because they end far too soon!
    Thanks for the excellent shoe resources! I see a few pairs my little gal would love to have in her closet! And, that pilot is so adorable!!!

  2. Shoes! So cute. I really need to go look for an organizer. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. My two favourite things combined - shoes and minis. I daren't look at Patrizias shop O~o

    Love the scene =0)

  4. The shoes are amazing! So is the organizer. I went and looked at the site - she has fabulous shoes there! They are all lovely!!

  5. I'm in trouble now...heading to Patrizia Santi's site...Those little blue shoes are adorable in the kid's room.

  6. Love the shoes!! I hope to go to a miniature fair soon again, and hopefully minis2you will sell some shoes for me to look at =) I just missed the fair in Stockholm last weekend.. But I'm still on my mini-break. But today I just had to check in on your blog again. Miss reading it!!
    My daughter got a new bookshelf, for all her books (that was stuck in a box before) and now she finally can have a good view over all her books, and we found the Pink cupcake book again, and have read it over and over again, thinking of you =)
    Hope you are well!!
    Hugs Hannah

  7. Thank you so much Kathy for showing my little clogs and agenda <3 I love your little scenes // Hugs Marie, minis2you