Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Happy New Year!

So, this year, I am just going to try to improve some of all my works in progress. And hopefully finish my Malibu dollhouse!!  And organize my craft room . . . 

But I've got help!

Tom's Painting and Handyman Services:  No Job Too Small!

(For those Americans with 3 year olds, I envisions him as the "Handy Manny" of my dollhouse town.)

Right now, he is on the unfinished deck on the Malibu dollhouse.  I am on Step 72 of the Malibu doll house instructions.  I can't remember on what step I was last January, but I think I got at least a whole floor done this past year.   At Step 95, it will be complete; but I also have the additional sunroom to build on top.  (I have not even opened that box yet).   It seems like there are still a lot of steps left (and that includes the staircases)!   I don't know how people do the work they do for the Miniatures.com contest.

Here is Tom!

So hopefully he will get that balcony finished - maybe when I am working or sleeping.   

He is also being hired by the family who lives in 48.  The kids have taken over all 4 upper rooms, so they need a parent bedroom and a bathroom and they can't really expand too much because their land is limited (i.e., no more space in my apartment).  They also apparently need an elevator because the rooms will be where the stairs were supposed to be.

While the kids are having cookie time with a babysitter:

 . . . after making a Gingerbread house - thanks to Kat from Kitty and Kat Miniatures for explaining how to make the icing bags - so cool and easy!  And the gingerbread house is made out of a brown work folder using the pattern from Ann Vanture's complimentary newsletter from www.paperminis.com

(someone needs to clean up the mess by the refrigerator and maybe Tom can figure out how to put  the door back on - because I have not yet). 

And playing while Grandpa watches:

the parents are meeting with Tom and one of the local architects

in a very small office.

As for Tom, he was a doll in my stash.  He was wearing this:

 I made Tom's outfit from an old white button-up shirt.   The bottom hem formed the cuff of his pants as well as the collar.

 His painter's hat is made out of cardboard cut to shape with the white cloth glued on with tacky glue.

So hopefully there will be some progress to report soon.

Happy New Year!


  1. Tom is waaaaayyyyy more handsome in his new duds! Great job! Can't wait to see all the progress you make this year!

    1. Yes, I agree!! Funny how clothes can make the man, as they say! Thanks!

  2. I prefer my handy men more Channing Tatum then Handy Manny....but since I'm the handy lady at home I loose out ;). I'm glad the icing bag worked out!

    1. Yes, clearly I need to expand my TV/movie watching beyond the 3 year old fare :)