Wednesday, July 8, 2015


We are back from our brief holiday in Denmark visiting my husband's family.

We went to Legoland which we all loved!  Lots of minis, although unfortunately the dollhouse collection is not on view and has been moved to a museum which is not yet open.  (I guess we will have to visit Legoland again - we have to visit when my son is 7 so he can do the driving course (where kids drive little cars and have to do all the proper signals)!).

Nyhavn, Denmark made out of Lego:

Amsterdam out of Lego:

And a Lego dollhouse:

And I visited my favorite dollhouse shop in Denmark (located in Hillerod)!  (It is also the only one I know of.)  The owner is very nice and it is always a highlight of my trip!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far!


  1. The houses look so beautiful with all that colour. It look like a great place to visit. Is that your purchases in the box outside the dollhouse shop? ;0P

    1. That is so funny! I wish that I had a box like that of purchases! Maybe next time I will tell my husband to load that box in the car when he comes to pick me up :)
      Yes, I was very tempted to try and also build a Dutch canal house of Lego as pictured, but I think I better just focus on dollhouses!

  2. I have never been to Denmark, but someday I hope to visit legoland, you see advertising about it here in Sweden all the time and I always wish to go see it =)
    My daughter just discovered lego (she has been doing duplo so far) and my husband is a big lego fan, maybe we will go there one day =) Thanks for showing some pictures from your trip =)

    1. Yes, you should definitely go some day! If you only go once, then your daughter should be at least 7 so she can do the car driving ride: a child gets their own car and there are roads with signals and a roundabout (and also a car wash) and children drive their own cars and have to make hand signals and follow all the rules. At the end, if you pass, you get a license with your picture. My daughter loved it. And each child has their country flag on their car - there were a lot of Swedish flags. But 7 is the minimum age. They also have a lot of great rides for younger kids as well, but the car driving was quite special. Although we then found a playground in Copenhagen that had something similar, so maybe you already have it in Sweden.