Tuesday, July 14, 2015

First Bath in the Bathroom - Malibu Dollhouse

I decided to add some more accessories to the Malibu Dollhouse bathroom.

Some necessary supplies: 

The requisite toys in the bathtub:  

And a mommy giving the baby a bath:

Johnson's No Tears Shampoo (essential) is from Sue's Little Things on Ebay.

The little baby boy is by the eBay seller: Baloohallow.

My daughter said that this now looks like our house and she wants to see the neat version!


  1. Had to laugh at the cat. Is he looking for goldfish? ;0P I think all of our mini houses are reflections of what we would like our RL houses to look like. My family say the same as your daughter - 'so this is what a tidy house should look like?' haha

    1. I love the cat! I think he's ever hopeful that he will find some goldfish in there! :) Yes, I absolutely agree - I think our mini houses are reflections of what we would like our RL houses to look like -- as well as chances to try out different ideas and have fun!

  2. Oh my god. Your bathroom is like real one. Amazing how you finish it with lots of details.
    and that funny cat.
    I am following you and I just love your blog.
    It will be nice if you visit my blog too. I've just started my adventure with miniatures
    hugs Aniela

    1. Wow! Thanks so much! I will definitely follow your blog - I am excited to be a part of your adventure!

  3. Hi!
    Your bathroom looks so beautiful and happy with all so real like items! I love it!

    1. Thanks Kikka! I love your froggy swimming post! So cool!

  4. I just love this bathroom!! Can I move in?! ;)
    You take such great pictures too. Love the mommy giving the baby a bath, and the toys in the tub and all the small details!! Great work =)