Saturday, April 4, 2015

Happy Easter!

I started putting up some Easter decorations on 1,2, & 3 Waterside Way.  Here is a beautiful Easter wreath created by Small Comforts.  I bought it at the Shelly Norris show a few weekends ago, and luckily it arrived in time.   And then I drilled a hole next to the door and added a little post to hang the wreath. 

The little girl is sitting waiting (with her Easter bonnet on) while her parents are preparing for an Easter picnic outside on the roof terrace.  (My daughter put this scene on the couch together.)  I made the little wooden basket last year with coffee stirrers, and the handle is from those paper paint color samples.   I made the little purple bowl with the white bunny attached this year from FIMO clay.

Here is an Easter picnic on the roof of Waterside Way.  The occupants are still waiting for a landscape architect to show up to design the rooftop garden - as am I :).

And here is a closeup of my Easter egg bunny bowl.  The idea for it was inspired by Hannah Roet's post on making little bunnies for an Easter tree:
(not that they look anything like her Easter bunnies).

Happy Easter and Happy Passover!

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