Tuesday, April 14, 2015

"At your own risk"

I finished cutting the white tile floor to fit (or mostly fit) the Malibu dollhouse bathroom and then looked at the instructions for installation:  "To apply this flooring, use double face carpet tape or sillcone [sic] cement.  Any contact cement is used at your own risk."  So first I tried to figure out if there was such a thing as sillcone cement, and then I tried to Google if silicone cement was contact cement (and I was being warned to only use silicone cement at my own risk.)  It seemed to be different, but I wasn't sure, so apparently I will  be applying with tape, which is just as well because then I can change it.  I noted that most of the bathrooms in the Shapeways competition had more of a grey floor.

But is at my own risk because the contact cement may eat the white flooring?  Or is it because it is dangerous to me?

This manufacturer usually recommends contact cement with their wood flooring.   I checked their wood flooring packaging to see if after recommending contact cement for installation, they said to proceed at your own risk, but nope, they did not have similar language.

But the instructions for the green tile sheet (which is by a different manufacturer, but seems to be similar to the white tile floor sheet) recommend contact cement for application.   So I used contact cement to put it up (and probably way too much because it still smells), and now I am anxiously waiting to see if my "tile work" will be eaten by the contact cement.  (Of course, I should have tested it on a small sample.)

I asked my tabby to check in, but he's gotten a bit bored with this task and has started cleaning himself.

My tabby is from Annie Willis of Fine Designs.  I first saw one of her cats on A Beautiful World and then I saw her ad in the Dolls House Magazine and I contacted her directly requesting an orange cat (because my first cat was an orange male cat - such a sweetheart).  
I love him.  I love his little tongue sticking out.   I always love when cats are in the middle of their fur cleaning and they all of a sudden look up and their tongue is still sticking out.  

Anyway, I hope my green tile is safe! 


  1. Good luck on the tile! Funny, I like it when animals leave their tongues out too!

    1. So far so good! But I keep checking. Are you going to Chicago this year? I so enjoyed your post about it last year. I just entered your giveaway and I am excited to read that author.

  2. Hope it went well with the tile!!
    The tabby is super cute =)

  3. Thank you! It seems to have worked with the tile! Now back to painting (when it stops raining).

  4. Hi, are you by any chance selling your Miele washing machine? Xx

    1. No, I love it. You can probably find one on ebay.