Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Malibu House Third Floor - Bathroom in Progress

So I have started to work on the third floor of the Malibu dollhouse by thinking about how to set up the bathroom.  When I bought this dollhouse (about 4 years ago), I planned to copy what Dolls House Emporium had done for its bathroom.   But now I have changed my mind.  I started looking at Elf Miniatures to be inspired by their bathrooms and I got very excited about creating a walk-in shower.  Then I put all the bathroom furniture that I have into the bathroom space, and it seems like there isn't enough room!  Which boggles my mind, given that this dollhouse bathroom is probably the size of my real bedroom and much bigger than our real bathroom.  I am thinking about painting turquoise the sliding wall with windows - because turquoise seems kind of appropriate for a Malibu dollhouse ( which is why there is a washcloth draped over that wall).

And potentially greenish tiles for the shower:

I also can't decide if I should tile the floor.

I took the rug and the washcloth to my local paint shop for color samples.  And the very kind lady helping me match color samples did not question why I was trying to match colors on a dollhouse rug :)


  1. Your plans are cool! Will be waiting to see more!

  2. Thank you! I got two of the walls up, but now I am stuck on color choices and making the shower.