Thursday, February 5, 2015

Cooking dinner back at the cabin after skiing (with all new sweaters)

We have been spending weekends skiing and staying in very small cabins upstate, so here is a dollhouse version.

They are making a spaghetti dinner (after a fun day of skiing) and one has just come back from shopping for more food.

The red and black pillow is made from a sock and the coffee table is Minimodernista.   The picture in the back was from the Bellabox gift from The Shopping Sherpa.   The red haired doll is from Paola of  Paola and Sara's dolls (bought at the Shelly Norris online show this past summer).

I made a Marimekko food container inspired by Kikka's blog and her new dollhouse. I have to make some smaller versions.

 And then because my children want a dollhouse pet store, I also made a dog bed - based on an how-to article on Dollhouse Miniatures magazine (July/August 2013 - Issue 34).  The frame is made out of cardboard and the soft grey part is the bottom of an athletic sock.

Everyone is wearing their new sweaters - which I made based on an how-to article in the American Miniaturist magazine - January 2015 issue.  The sweaters are made from socks.  Luckily, my kids had some bright color socks they had outgrown.

Here's to late nights of good conversations (and maybe next year my dollhouse people will get their own socks)!  


  1. Your sock-sweaters looks great =) I hope my daughter will out grow some socks soon ;) (well I do have some colourful socks myself, maybe I should take them first)
    You have so beautiful pictures! I love how they sit back and relax after skiing, in the last picture =)

  2. Thanks so much! I enjoyed making the sock sweaters. And making the little scenes. I hope you are feeling better!