Thursday, January 15, 2015

Ornament Challenge by ModernMiniHouses

Modern Mini Houses Blog posted an ornament challenge.  I made a bath scene with a reindeer ornament below, but first I played with some Christmas decoration lighting (before I realized that maybe I could use the reindeer ornament).   So this isn't an ornament and I already had done the scene, but here is the party with some Christmas star lighting (love the after-Christmas decoration sales! - this one changes colors and is a good size for the dollhouse):

I took out the furniture from the children's room in the Malibu house and started playing with it as a bathroom (as I figure out how I will configure the bathroom when I build the next floor).  

Here is a bath scene with a reindeer ornament and the Christmas light decorations:

And the new towels I made from one of my children's wash clothes (and I printed out the little bicycle sign from the internet).

And then I thought I would try the tub near the other window instead of the curved window (they have no neighbors) in the room:

Credits: The bathtub is MIAIM, the chair is Reac, the rug is Dollshouse Emporium, and the beautiful wooden hutch is from a NAME Estate Auction.


  1. Lovely dolls =) And such a nice house. The little bike on the sign was very cute, and the towels looks very cosy =)
    (I thought I had your blog on my blog list, but I had missed that, but now I fixed it =) Hopefully I'll be able to see new posts a bit quicker now =) )

  2. Hi Hannah, Thanks so much! I thought the hutch needed something more (at some point, I will have to make some soap or other bathroom toiletries), but then I thought of the little sign. Thanks so much for adding my blog to your list! I am excited to see your newest doll.

  3. What a nice bathroom and towels!!!
    And the dolls... they still have a wonderfull party!
    groetjes van Marijke

  4. Thank you Marijke! Yes, the party is still going on! And I am eyeing other colors in my children's wash clothes!

  5. Thanks so much for playing!! I just posted the participants so far. :D

  6. It was lots of fun. Thanks for arranging it!

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