Thursday, January 8, 2015

Mini Resolutions

So here are some of my mini resolutions - do you have any?  What are yours?

1)  Finish Malibu beach house - there are many reasons for this:

a) there is HUGE box of parts sitting in my workroom taking up space, although sometimes when I am painting something white, I paint some Malibu house pieces, so then the parts leave the box . . .

b) and then I tend to lose parts of them or the instructions, so I fear it is only a matter of time before they are lost for good.  (I have had this house kit for 3.5 years now).

c) my people need a bathroom.   I bought this cat for myself for Christmas to inspire me to build the bathroom

2) Complete next part of childrens' dollhouse - make a room for the grandparents and build the "elevator" and maybe put some front opening walls on the front to help prevent the dust from gathering.  Initially I bought a plexiglass front so that it was a modern sheer "glass" front wall house, but it's too difficult for the kids to slide in and out, and it tends to stay off.  And I think they like playing with the doors -- see previous post about fixing broken door :)

3) Go back to working on the Dutch canal house (but see 1(a) above - I need the space where the box sits.)

4) Continue to organize minis.  I have them partially organized into clear boxes with labels of either ideas or rooms (for example, kitchen, living room).

My work room is waiting:

(The pillow was a gift from ModPod Miniatures; the black toolbox is the design of Pepper from MitchyMoo Miniatures sold on Shapeways).  I made the little miter box (from coffee stirrers again - my favorite source of wood) and the miter knife is a red toothpick glued to a flatter toothpick painted silver).  The cutting mat is a cut-out glued on paper.  I made the paints as part of a NAME tote bag favor project for the NAME online house party - I made 10 sets (and I made the little tray to hold them, since mine don't all stand perfectly). The fab white/wood desk is Minimodernista.  The pink chair is reac.  The "craft supply cabinet" held donuts for a bakery - bought on ebay.)

And here are some smaller mini projects on my To Do list for this year

1) Do witch kit (the first kit I ever bought, but I have yet to start it)  (now I have SO many more kits . . .);

2) Make pajamas from a Dolls House Magazine article;

3) Make sweater from American Miniaturist January 2015 issue - some of my men need some more clothing for parties (and this will at least help me organize my real-life sock drawer);

4) Do food tutorial and lighting tutorial classes from the NAME online house party last April;

5) Do new 1/144 kit (which looks amazing);

This list seems rather exhausting, so I've gone to bed to think of more ideas (and hope I get some pajamas soon)

The bed is from the Etsy store: MultiforMiniatures.  I just bought it and love it.  The store owner said that he put the colors together as an inspiration from the time he lived in Denmark. .  I bought the painting on eBay (the artist is AK).

Happy New Year and looking forward to seeing what everyone creates this year!


  1. Looks like you have a good plan for this year =) Hope you can make everything you like to, I look forward on seeing what will happen to your house =)

  2. We will see what I can accomplish! I hope I make further progress on the Malibu house!