Sunday, December 21, 2014

No. 48 - lights, a staircase and a fixed front door.

I finally put in the lights and a staircase in the first floor of my dollhouse (No. 48) for my children, and I re-attached the door that broke when my 2 year-old was playing with it.   I made this dollhouse out of plywood.  The hinge solution is not pretty, but it should withstand further playing.

(We are just getting started on Christmas decorating.)

The kitchen needs some shelves. 

Here are some children cooking in their play kitchen, some children watching TV, and it looks like an exhausted mother bent over the sink there (who wouldn't be with so many children and dogs and cats? (although they seem all quite well-behaved)).

Now how to build the elevator so they can get from the 2nd floor to the next 2 floors. . .

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