Thursday, December 27, 2018

Shush! Santa's Sleeping

Santa is resting in his office. 

I worked some more on this roombox. 

I added the little Christmas peg shelf (a Dragonfly International kit - DF210). I put a frame around Mrs. Claus's picture.  The little chorus was a holiday gift from a Big Apple Miniaturists club member. 

 I gave Santa hot chocolate with whip cream. And added the stocking. 

Hope you have a great week!


  1. Santa deserves a nice nap. Cozy comfy office and a good chair to recline in.

    1. Definitely! Although he probably needs a more comfortable chair! But his office is cozy, comfy and cheerful! It's fun to continue to improve my mini scenes.

  2. The scene is so adorable!!! I love the sleeping Santa and especially his hanging Christmas Stocking!
    Great job!!
    Mini huggs,

    1. Thank you! I just bought the Christmas stocking and I think it's so beautiful, so I put it there, but I had planned to hang his coat there (if I ever make it). But in the meantime, it is a perfect place for the stocking.