Friday, September 25, 2015

Camping Scenes

So here is my first tent created during the NAME online Dog Days of Summer weekend.  I spent July evenings making backpacks and then my free August evenings making tents. :)

I bought this fabric inspired by Kikka's Marimekko prints in her dollhouse on her blog.  I am still planning to make a miniature comforter cover with it, but then then this project came along and I thought it would make a fun tent fabric.  

And here are some camping scenes with the swaps.  I am afraid that I was not very good at getting the scene/photographs to look completely realistic.

The forest backdrop was also provided as part of the NAME project, so it was fun to work with that.

I bought some necessary camping supplies while waiting for the NAME swaps, though, such as the golden lantern (I particularly like its shape) and all the stuff for s'mores (from Sue's Little Things on eBay).   Although after I bought them, the Anne Vanture newsletter had similar ones as complimentary printables (  The kebabs on the grill are from

There is certainly a lot of food for my hungry hiking campers!

The basket of peaches is from Sharon Harbison Miniature Food at the IGMA show in New Jersey.  I made the oranges from another online weekend event class offered by NAME. 

My daughter decided that we needed some people, so here is a dad and his daughter having a picnic after their hike (note the 2 backpacks in the back).  

Hope you have a good weekend!


  1. It all looks fab; you've caught the sunlight beautifully in the first photo. I'm definately coming camping with you with such tasty treats on the go =0D

    1. Thank you! That would be great fun! I'm all about making sure there are enough tasty treats when traveling!

  2. This is such a great scene!

    1. Thank you! Hope all is going well with you and everyone is back to being healthy!