Sunday, March 22, 2015

Shopping at the Shelly Norris Online Miniature Show

I have spent the weekend checking out at the Shelly Norris Online Miniature Show - in my pajamas.

Here is the link:

And you can sign up for a door prize, so that alone is worth the visit.  It ends today, though.  

There are 75 dealers from 11 countries.  It's fun to see all the creativity displayed at the various tables.

Last year I bought the red haired doll in my St. Patrick's Day Post from Paola y Sara.  If you like dolls or fashion, I recommend checking out her "table."  She has costumed dolls starting from ancient times to modern day. I find it so interesting to see all the changes in fashion.   I also bought this doll, but she is from the Tudor time period, so I haven't used her in the scene, although she 's helping out reception at the hotel right now.  Clearly I will have to have a costume party soon.

And then last year, I also bought these items from Maru Coll:

Happy Sunday!