Tuesday, January 26, 2021

January and the #minikitchallengemonth


So Robina of #myminiatureabodes on Instagram created a mini kit challenge to complete a kit from your stash each week. I have three boxes full of kits. And so I was in.

(Picture of my flower shop. The purple flowers in the stone work were purchased from Artistic Florals.) 

The first week theme was Outdoors. I chose a tulip kit from Artistic Florals and made the bright pink tulips above in front of the flower shop. (I really need to make a sign for that shop.) The white flower pot is from HBS Miniatures. 

Week Two was Vintage. pick a vintage kit or the oldest kit in your stash. Since I was afraid to go down in the basement and face my two boxes of kits down there, I decided to go with vintage-themed and made this Art of Mini hatbox.

Week Two was a piece of furniture. I loved this kit by Doreen as soon as I saw it, but I was definitely daunted by the prospect of making it. And rightly so. It took me the whole week, because the bottles each had about three coats of paint, then painted the tops white, and then I sealed them. And I discovered that many of my paints are drying out. 

But it was worth it. I am so happy I made it. Here are pictures of my progress. I think Doreen still has more kits, so if interested, let me know and I can put you in contact. 

I think I bought the kit via NAME, when the theme for a project was craft room.

Painting the little bottles

Almost there. figuring out the colors:

And we're done!

This final week was grab bag: to pick a kit from your stash with your eyes closed. I only took out my kits that are stored in the box in our apartment, but I picked out this kit from Nancy Enge. I also loved this kit as soon as I saw it. So, I'm looking forward to making it. 

Hope everyone is doing well. Wishing you all a great rest of the week!

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Saturday, December 26, 2020

N.A.M.E. Holiday Swap 2020

 I love participating in the N.A.M.E. holiday swap because I love receiving minis as gifts. It's so much fun to open the swap package. 

The theme was the holidays from Thanksgiving to New Year. Ten of us signed up so we had to make nine gifts. 

I made two items: a platter of holiday cookies:

Here's a close-up:

And gingerbread dough for cookies in progress:

Here's a picture of my making the first cookie tray in progress:
Figuring out how to arrange the cookies

The molds are from The Mouse Market on Etsy. I really like her molds. 

And here are my swap gifts back: 

I can't wait to use them in a scene. They're all so impressive. At first, I wondered, "why is there a scissor attached to this wreath?" and then I realized it was a candy wreath and my mini person is supposed to cut off the candy. 

Anyway, we make gingerbread cookies every year, so here are our real-life ones (already quickly disappearing):

Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 25, 2020

Christmas in the World of Penelope's Dollhouses

 Here are some more pictures of Christmas in the world of Penelope's Dollhouses. :)

Yesterday I had time to play (in the calm before the storm of Christmas Eve dinner) and so I made some scenes.

The golden retriever is by Ines Angelon (Tigrorso on eBay).

A more detailed shot of the children making a Gingerbread house. 

The plate of sugar cookies in Christmas tree shapes is by PuppenStuebchen. I bought it at the Chicago show. The gingerbread reindeer are by Caroline's minis and the assorted gingerbread cookies are by TinyArtMiniatures on Etsy. I made the gingerbread house and the icing bag. 

Some pies for Christmas dinner (bought on Etsy):
The strawberry tart is by TinyAppetities on Etsy. It makes me wish I had a real one to eat. The miniature fruit tart with kiwi is by Hobbymini on Etsy.

And the bakery is baking sugar cookies:

This cookie dough set was made by Sue Ayers from her shop Sue'sLittleThings on Ebay.

And a little girl is making her Xmas present. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Getting ready for Christmas in the loft

 We are getting ready for Christmas in the HBS loft. I had previously made this into a bar/dance place for the 2012 #HBS #creatincontest . Ah, the days when we danced together. 

Anyway, now it's an apartment. The real estate agent has left flowers. 

Here is a close-up of the flowers.

And someone has started to move in.

And wrap presents for Christmas:

Hope you are all still enjoying the holiday season!

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving 2020!

 Happy Thanksgiving!

Our family has made it to the dessert stage and we have basically a pie or cake each (not counting the kids' cupcakes)!

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Wait and See

Checking the election results. All anxious but still hopeful.

Hope all my fellow mini lovers are doing well. I've been busy with remote schooling and work.